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A crook can't cut off your finger and access your iPhone

One of the biggest features that Apple announced on new iPhone 5S during its event earlier this week was the Touch ID system. Apple has now offered more details on Touch ID that may help some that are concerned about privacy feel better.

Apple says that the scanner doesn't store actual images of the user's fingerprint on the device. Instead, the ID system stores "fingerprint data" which remains encrypted inside the iPhone’s 64-bit A7 processor.

The Wall Street Journal reports that even if someone cracked the encryption chip, it would be highly unlikely that they could reverse engineer someone's fingerprint from the digital signature. Apple also says that it won't allow third-party applications to use the fingerprint scanner for the time being, and people who use Touch ID also have to create a passcode as a backup.

One important aspect of the Touch ID system is that the passcode must be used to unlock the phone if the device is rebooted or hasn't been unlocked and 48 hours. With all that said, the iPhone fingerprint scanner doesn't work perfectly. For instance, testers have said that the device doesn't work well if your fingers are damp from sweat, water, or lotion.

Apple even went so far as to point out that if a criminal hacked off your finger, they would be unable to unlock your phone. Apple says the Touch ID sensor searches for vitality signs to ensure that the finger is attached to the hand of a living person.

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RE: Qualifications for iphone5s users
By GulWestfale on 9/12/2013 2:51:12 PM , Rating: 2
if you weren't pissed you wouldn't have bothered to spend hours here, telling us why you're so not pissed.
people like you make me sick, because you want everything to be lame and dull just because you are. i too know people with handicaps, and i include them in jokes because you know, they're not outcasts, they're PEOPLE.
aside from that, if you really can't tell the difference between a joke and an insult, you do not belong on the internet. retard.

RE: Qualifications for iphone5s users
By Cheesew1z69 on 9/12/13, Rating: 0
By GulWestfale on 9/12/2013 3:35:54 PM , Rating: 3
we are not allowed to argue with people who have handicapped children? like we are not allowed to argue against obama because his blackness automatically makes anyone who disagrees with him racist? hahahahahaaa

By Kiffberet on 9/16/2013 8:39:44 AM , Rating: 2

In England 'pissed' means drunk. 'pissed off' means angry.

Either way, it works with your post.

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