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More cuts are expected

If you follow the smartphone world, you know BlackBerry is currently staring down the barrel of a loaded gun. The smartphone maker has fallen out of favor with many enterprise customers and its new BB10 devices have failed to catch on with regular consumers.

A source for CanTech Letter is reporting that BlackBerry has axed more than half of its sales force. According to its source, consumer sales are basically "gone" and the enterprise sales force was "gutted" as well.

RIM Superheroes
Perhaps BlackBerry's Bold Team could help out? [Image Source: BlackBerry]

The source described, "I had twenty guys (from BlackBerry) on BBM from sales, and they have all posted alternate emails on their status."
The Wall Street Journal got official confirmation from BlackBerry, but a spokesman would only say, “I can confirm a small number of employees were laid off today.”

BlackBerry recently posted abysmal sales figures, so it's not all that surprising that the company would be instituting layoffs ahead of a rumored sale.

Sources: Cantechletter, Wall Street Journal

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Sounds logical ...
By johnnycanadian on 9/10/2013 12:22:30 PM , Rating: 4
Cut your way to profitability? That ALWAYS works.

Last guy to leave, turn out the lights. They're done.

RE: Sounds logical ...
By retrospooty on 9/10/2013 12:33:43 PM , Rating: 2
They were done 3 years ago, they just weren't bright enough to to figure out that their (at the time) good sales #'s were about to tank hard.

RE: Sounds logical ...
By CaedenV on 9/10/2013 4:11:44 PM , Rating: 2
On the contrary, they have known they are done for a long time. Immediately after the BB10 announcements the stock went up a bunch of the sr staff finally retired. BB10 was just a giant retirement parachute, and now the management remaining will get a bunch of money from whoever finally buys the company.

It always sucks to be let go, but it may end up being a mercy to be let go now rather than later. Who knows how long it will take before they catch a buyer, and until then those remaining are stuck without any place to move up.

RE: Sounds logical ...
By retrospooty on 9/10/2013 6:22:52 PM , Rating: 2
That theory would hold more weight if the stock didnt go from $150 down to $7, then up to $15 after OS10's release. It's still $150 down to $15 (back down to near $11 as of today).

RE: Sounds logical ...
By YearOfTheDingo on 9/10/2013 3:28:19 PM , Rating: 2
No, they're cutting their way to a sale. Any potential buyer of the BlackBerry brand and/or hardware business will have their own sales-force. My guess is it'll either be HP or Lenovo.

RE: Sounds logical ...
By CaedenV on 9/10/2013 4:12:54 PM , Rating: 2
You don't think that MS will be the one to go for the patent grab? They seem to be the ones who would have the most to gain, especially if the Nokia purchase goes through.

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