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Evleaks once again gets the scoop on an unannounced smartphone

Earlier this week, a screenshot of the long rumored 6" Nokia Lumia 1520 smartphone was leaked. The image showed the expanded Windows Phone 8 UI thanks to the extra screen real estate and increased resolution (1080p display).
Today, evleaks posted press shots of the Lumia 1520 showing it from the front and back. The shots also confirm the revised UI.

Nokia Lumia 1520 [Image Source: @evleaks]
When the Lumia 1520 launches later this month, it is expected to feature a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor and a 20MP rear-facing camera.

Source: @evleaks

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By Guspaz on 9/6/2013 11:40:09 AM , Rating: 2
So, this thing runs Windows Phone? This means that Microsoft now has three similar but completely incompatible tablet operating systems. Windows Phone, Windows RT, and Windows 8... Two of them even run on the same architecture.

At least one of those will have to go...

RE: Fragmentation
By XZerg on 9/6/2013 11:49:17 AM , Rating: 1
i believe Windows RT is here to stay and WP is to go.

RE: Fragmentation
By CaedenV on 9/6/2013 1:34:04 PM , Rating: 2
WP and RT are likely going to merge. Final product will be WP but with some RT functionality.
WP has seen much more success than RT, and it is a much more needed interface than RT, so why would WP be the one to go?

RE: Fragmentation
By Jeffk464 on 9/6/2013 1:45:27 PM , Rating: 2
wow, RT is major bloat compared to WP isn't it? Full blown windows on a phone sounds like a disaster to me.

RE: Fragmentation
By inighthawki on 9/6/2013 12:15:16 PM , Rating: 2
Not really true. Windows RT is just Win8 compiled on ARM. For obvious reasons it cannot run x86 apps, and for security reasons it cant run unsigned code. Otherwise identical. As of Windows Phone 8, it also shares the same NT kernel as Windows 8, and is very similar in nature to Windows RT, just with a slightly different "start screen" and no desktop. Once WinPhone Blue ships I bet you'll also start seeing the ability to write once and ship to all three platforms via the store once they unify a few more components of the OS like the compositor.

RE: Fragmentation
By Jeffk464 on 9/6/2013 1:55:02 PM , Rating: 2
WP would have all kinds of stuff stripped out of it from full blown windows, no?

RE: Fragmentation
By inighthawki on 9/6/2013 2:44:10 PM , Rating: 2
I'm sure there are things stripped out, but it's the full NT kernel and functionality. Full DX11 API. Same graphics kernel, same drivers, etc. Today's tablets have the same hardware as phones do and they run just fine, so why wouldn't a full copy of windows work?

In fact I recall hearing a while back of someone who got Win8 up and running on an old WinMo 6.5 phone which had a compatible ARM chip. It was a bit sluggish, but it was also super old.

RE: Fragmentation
By troysavary on 9/6/2013 1:22:30 PM , Rating: 3
I am betting we'll see a merger of WinPhone and Win RT sometime. I think they should have just upgraded WinPhone to use as their ARM tablet OS and forgot about RT completely.

RE: Fragmentation
By Jeffk464 on 9/6/2013 1:56:24 PM , Rating: 2
Yup, this

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