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Bye bye autobahn

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Will never pass
By ihateu3 on 9/3/2013 11:35:21 PM , Rating: 2
This will never pass. Without being able to speed on the highway, then speeding tickets cannot be given, cutting into their own source of income. Also, we all know that the population needs to be controlled for the amount of resources we have, and for the planet to be able to sustain the max population.

It sounds grim, but we cannot ensure everybody lives to be 100, its realistically not feasible, there is just not enough to go around, and the governments are aware of this as anyone is.

RE: Will never pass
By ShieTar on 9/4/2013 3:27:51 AM , Rating: 2
We don't need traffic accidents for that, European population is predicted to hit a little 520 million maximum around 2030 (before the baby-boomers start dying in numbers), and achieve a stable population of 500 millions from 2060 on. Quality of life and existence of social securities have reduced the overwhelming need to have children, so the decision to have a family is now an actual decision based on personal interests. Seems to work out just fine.

I believe it is basically the same for the older states in the US, with most of the population growth occurring in the south and south-west?

Sadly you are incorrect in stating that the governments understand this. German government is busily trying to convince people that a large percentage of retired person will wreck our economy: "One worker can never feed two retired persons. You need to get 3 Children to solve that problem!".
Because Children are known to be cheaper than retired persons, I guess. And because it is not like the German industry is increasing its efficiency every single year. Not like 10% of our industry are already producing more than we need ourselves, and basically supply retired American with nice cars. And it's not like all over Europe People are out of work, because the industry can now do the same work with less people.

Trust me, the governments are about as clueless as anyone could possible be.

RE: Will never pass
By Jeffk464 on 9/5/2013 11:41:14 AM , Rating: 2
Its impossible to exceed resources forever, populations always hit a new equilibrium.

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