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Toyota Prius  (Source:
It will also show off its hydrogen fuel cell vehicle at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Toyota isn't messing around when it comes to green vehicles, and the automaker is further proving that with 15 new hybrids due by 2015, early specs for its next Prius and even a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle in the works. 

Toyota announced this week that it would unveil 15 new or redesigned hybrids globally with new powertrains that allow for lighter and more affordable vehicles. The lighter weight allows for greater fuel economy, and performance will also get a boost from enhanced electric motor, battery and gas engine technologies. 

But there's one hybrid in particular that Toyota favors: the Prius. According to the automaker, the next-generation Prius will have better batteries with higher energy density. The company said it's using nickel-metal hydride and lithium-ion where necessary and even upped its research on new battery technologies like solid state and lithium air as well as magnesium. 

The next Prius will also feature smaller electric motors; thermal efficiency of the gasoline engine will be boosted from 38.5 percent in current models to 40 percent in the next-generation; the use of Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) will allow for a lower center of gravity and increased structural rigidity, and better aerodynamics will offer an all-new exterior design.

Toyota will also create the next-generation Prius Plug-in (PHV) alongside the next-gen Prius. 

To top it all off, Toyota is working on its first commercially available hydrogen fuel cell vehicle It will be a mid-size four-door sedan, which will make its way to the Tokyo Motor Show in November.  That vehicle will also make an appearance in North America come January at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

“I would like to see us -- as an industry -- accomplish the same thing in the U.S.,” said Bob Carter, Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) Senior Vice President of Sales.  “That is…5 million hybrids, cumulatively, in the U.S. by close of business 2016.  That results in 3 billion gallons of gasoline saved, which is more than enough gas for the entire population of the United States to drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles in a Prius. It’s do-able. And I think we will do it.”

Source: Toyota

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Not Boring
By Tedtalker1 on 8/30/2013 6:37:33 AM , Rating: 2
I have a Yaris and there's a big aftermarket supplying performance parts to give it go kart like handling. Anti-sway bars, stiffer springs, struts, chassis bracing, etc.

You can make your car very exciting with just some carefully chosen upgrades.

RE: Not Boring
By flyingpants1 on 8/31/2013 12:14:43 PM , Rating: 2
That's cool. You might as well put a spoiler on a potato.

RE: Not Boring
By Tedtalker1 on 8/31/2013 4:18:58 PM , Rating: 2
No need for a spoiler on the front wheel drive 40MPG daily driver. I reserve that for the turbo Miata weekend car. Both are fun to drive. Like they're on rails. Zoom! Zoom!

Now get off the PC and go wax your mom's Suburban.

RE: Not Boring
By shaidorsai on 8/31/2013 4:04:57 PM , Rating: 1
I'd be laughing if I wasn't crying. There never has been, and never will be, anything "very exciting" or even just "exciting" about a car like a Yaris. A car like a Yaris is an appliance similar in every way to a gets a job done...but that's all that can be said for it. It might be exciting if it was being towed by a Ford Raptor at 125 mph...maybe.

RE: Not Boring
By Tedtalker1 on 8/31/2013 4:31:04 PM , Rating: 2
You'd be surprised by what people are doing with the Yaris. Give it 300 hp and the right suspension mods and it becomes exciting. Do you not understand the difference between a tuned Yaris and a stock Yaris? I'm talking about a car for people on a budget. I will agree a Ferrari is beyond exciting.

RE: Not Boring
By Monkey's Uncle on 9/2/2013 10:08:26 AM , Rating: 2
Not exciting? Stuff twin engines with a combined 500hp and you will get exciging.

WooHoo! That's one hot potato.

"We shipped it on Saturday. Then on Sunday, we rested." -- Steve Jobs on the iPad launch

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