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Both domains have been restored and protected

A Syrian hacker group temporarily took over the websites of media companies like The New York Times and Twitter as a response to the U.S.' recent consideration of military action against the Syrian government.

The attacks were launched by The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), which openly took credit for the hacks. The group reportedly wasn't looking to obtain information or infect end users, since the hacks only redirected traffic to a server controlled by the Syrian group., and The Huffington Post's British web address were the targets. 

The SEA was able to access these sites through Australian Internet service provider MelbourneIT, which manages domain names (including and NYTimes).

MelbourneIT tracked the breach to an Indian Internet service provider. Two staff members from one of their resellers reportedly opened a fake email looking to obtain login details. 

According to Reuters, the hackers grabbed a hold of one staff member's email, which contained the login and password information of The New York Times. 

While other media companies were attacked as well, the efforts were unsuccessful thanks to the use of registry locks. 

MelbourneIT said it restored the correct domain name settings, changed the password on the account and locked the records.

This isn't the first time the Syrian groups attacked media sites. Hackers promoting the SEA targeted websites like CNN, Time and The Washington Post back in August by breaching a third party service that these sites use. 

In August 2012, Reuters' blog was hacked and fake statements about Syria were posted. The report said the hackers were looking to spread negative misinformation about the freedom fighters actively rebelling against the country's despotic regime.

Reports believe the most recent hacks by the SEA have something to do with the Obama administration's possible decision to take military action against the government of Syria. 

Source: Reuters

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RE: This is what happens...
By Moishe on 8/30/2013 2:42:42 PM , Rating: 1
I agree with you, but probably for different reasons.

The U.S. spends too much time, money, and blood cruising around the world trying to stop bad things from happening in other countries. Meanwhile, the U.S. can't fix its own sh%t. A side-effect is that some people dislike the U.S. To me, that's not a good motivation to stop policing, but it's true nonetheless.

People need to determine their own culture, their own destiny. That means that Syrians are not like Americans. That's fine. Assad isn't a great guy, but if the alternative is some other radial group, how can anyone pick a side? Especially when it's not for foreigners to choose.

Let the Syrian people decide. Let them fight their own fights.

The only time the U.S. should attack Syria is if Syria attacks the U.S. Period. At that point, they've brought the war on themselves and other nations have a right to defend. Anything else is just meddling, and clearly that has unintended consequences. What happened to "Walk softly and carry a big stick?"

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