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Both domains have been restored and protected

A Syrian hacker group temporarily took over the websites of media companies like The New York Times and Twitter as a response to the U.S.' recent consideration of military action against the Syrian government.

The attacks were launched by The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA), which openly took credit for the hacks. The group reportedly wasn't looking to obtain information or infect end users, since the hacks only redirected traffic to a server controlled by the Syrian group., and The Huffington Post's British web address were the targets. 

The SEA was able to access these sites through Australian Internet service provider MelbourneIT, which manages domain names (including and NYTimes).

MelbourneIT tracked the breach to an Indian Internet service provider. Two staff members from one of their resellers reportedly opened a fake email looking to obtain login details. 

According to Reuters, the hackers grabbed a hold of one staff member's email, which contained the login and password information of The New York Times. 

While other media companies were attacked as well, the efforts were unsuccessful thanks to the use of registry locks. 

MelbourneIT said it restored the correct domain name settings, changed the password on the account and locked the records.

This isn't the first time the Syrian groups attacked media sites. Hackers promoting the SEA targeted websites like CNN, Time and The Washington Post back in August by breaching a third party service that these sites use. 

In August 2012, Reuters' blog was hacked and fake statements about Syria were posted. The report said the hackers were looking to spread negative misinformation about the freedom fighters actively rebelling against the country's despotic regime.

Reports believe the most recent hacks by the SEA have something to do with the Obama administration's possible decision to take military action against the government of Syria. 

Source: Reuters

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RE: This is what happens...
By M'n'M on 8/28/2013 2:40:10 PM , Rating: 2
So...your argument is that we should stand by and let maniacal dictators use WMDs on their own people, lest someone redirect traffic from one of our websites?

I would have stated it as "we should let maniacal dictators use WMDs on their own people because we have no dog in that fight". Unless their fight somehow threatens the US, I don't see why we should be asking our military personnel to risk being killed or become killers themselves.

The world is full of evil people and we are not the worlds policeman. There are deep schisms in Syria that aren't going to be fixed by US or any other intervention.

RE: This is what happens...
By polishvendetta on 8/28/2013 2:54:50 PM , Rating: 2
I agree and wish the united states government would take this stance.

Imagine how truly powerful and self reliant we would be if we took half of the military budget to promote sicence, education, and industry.

And while there will be those that say it would be squandered, a government loan started Tesla off and now look where they are.

RE: This is what happens...
By Reclaimer77 on 8/28/2013 3:02:23 PM , Rating: 2
Imagine how truly powerful and self reliant we would be if we took half of the military budget to promote sicence, education, and industry.

Still horribly in debt and bleeding cash?

We could take the ENTIRE Department of Defense budget and still have nearly a trillion dollar deficit, per year, at current spending levels.

Also your post is a bit too simple. Because a significant portion of the military budget DOES go to science, education, and industry. Hell most of the advancements we enjoy on a daily basis has come to us via some form of military spending or research.

a government loan started Tesla off and now look where they are.

Hovering near bankruptcy using GAAP (generally accepted accounting principles). Producing a single vehicle type that doesn't suit everyones needs, as is basically a toy for rich boys.

Yeah I'm so glad the Government spent money on such a worthy endeavor. We're saved!

RE: This is what happens...
By bah12 on 8/29/2013 12:42:42 PM , Rating: 2
Not to mention what the unemployment rate would look like when you fire all the soldiers (about 1.5 million), and all the defense contractors, and all the other civilian entities that work benefit and therefore hire people because of the armed forces.

Anti-military people are quick to point out the high expense, but fail to realise the VERY large impact it would have to GDP, and unemployment.

RE: This is what happens...
By M'n'M on 8/28/2013 6:00:55 PM , Rating: 2
Imagine how truly powerful and self reliant we would be if we took half of the military budget to promote sicence, education, and industry.

You're kidding .... ? We already "promote" science, education and industry. What do we get out of it ? Look at the number of US citizens who graduate w/some sort of science or engineering degree. It's been in decline since the 80's. The majority of PHD students in engineering are foreign born. 45% of PHD physicists working here in the US are foreign born. It's not that the US doesn't have the opportunities, it's that the average US citizen isn't taking them. That's somewhat expected as science and math are "hard", you have to work to learn them. Most kids expect to be handed easy jobs w/large salaries. Foreigners seem to know that's not the usual case. No amount of "promotion" is going to change the US, I think we need to hit the bottom before the next generation will understand as did the generation that lived through the Depression of the 30's.

Instead of letting the Govt spend the $$s, how about we let the people, whose $$s it is, keep them ... to spend and save as their individual circumstances allow.

RE: This is what happens...
By Moishe on 8/30/2013 2:45:23 PM , Rating: 2
You don't do much homework huh?

Education spending is HUGE, yet every year, parents have to send supplies to school because the school can't buy them. On top of that, American kids are not held to any real standard, are taught that "feeling" right is better than being right, and are becoming more and more stupid every year.

At what point do you throw money at something with a negative impact before you figure out that it doesn't work? Or are you too uneducated to see the pattern here?

"Folks that want porn can buy an Android phone." -- Steve Jobs

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