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Nissan eventually plans to phase out the V6 for a turbocharged four-banger

Looming EPA regulations have resulted in big changes in the automotive world. We've seen a number of V8 engines give way to turbocharged V6s, while V6 engines in midsize sedans are being tossed or replaced with turbocharged inline-4s.
We're also on the cusp of seeing huge weight reductions for iconic automotive nameplates. The Ford is reportedly eyeing a 700-pound weight reduction for the next generation F-150 and a 400-pound weight reduction for the next Mustang.
According to a new report from Motor Trend, another fan favorite is going on a diet all in the name of performance and fuel economy concerns. The next generation Nissan Z (codenamed Z35) will lose two inches in width and a whopping 400+ pounds. The huge weight reduction would put the next generation Z below 2,900 pounds.

2013 Nissan 370Z
Motor Trend's sources indicate that while Nissan plans to offer the next generation Z with a V6 when it launches, the "master plan" is to phase out the V6 entirely in favor of a turbocharged, 2.5-liter inline-4. The turbo four will reportedly pump out 330hp, putting it on par with the 3.7-liter V6 used in the current 370Z.
The weight reduction and move to four-cylinder power should allow the new Z to achieve EPA numbers far better than the current car’s 18/26 mpg (city/highway) with a manual transmission.

Source: Motor Trend

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By macca007 on 8/28/2013 3:49:51 AM , Rating: 2
Agree,V8's now have this as well, Displacement on Demand/Active Fuel management just a few terms used for it, Shuts off 4 cylinders when you are cruising lightly around town, Floor it and within a fraction of a second it goes back to V8 mode, On freeway have had it down to 9 litres/100 not bad for a 6 litre V8 with 500+nm torque.
Even when it's not in economy mode it still gets around 11-12 litres per 100 in stop/start traffic, Impressive.
If you want more hp then the turbo or super charger is the way to go, Fuel economy wise I am just not convinced unless you are putting it on a go cart type car that is small and weighs nothing, Which it seems is the way it's all going!
Buzz boxes and death traps, I'll take a large car with crumple zone with large V8. I look forward to the next Gen V V8 with Direct injection which will bring the fuel numbers down even more, Entering V6 territory while still pumping out around 450hp

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