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Nissan's NV200 Taxi is now being mass-produced at the automaker's assembly plant in Cuernavaca, Mexico

Nissan's "Taxi of Tomorrow" model for New York City has finally hit the production stage in Mexico. 

Nissan's NV200 Taxi is now being mass-produced at the automaker's assembly plant in Cuernavaca, Mexico. It was created to compete in New York's "Taxi of Tomorrow" contest, and won. 

Nissan put a lot of time and preparation into the NV200 Taxi such as adding the exclusive New York taxi yellow color to its Paint Shop as well as an afterline for taxi-specific manufacturing processes such as bodylines and side door windows. 

Aside from some plant reconfiguration, Nissan also performed extensive testing. The automaker made its own "New York Avenue" at its Arizona proving grounds to imitate conditions of New York City streets -- which allowed Nissan to test the NV200's durability in its harsh conditions. Also, New York City cab drivers were hired to drive the NV200 in NYC, where they drove a total of more than 155,000 miles (enough to cover every street in Manhattan over 300 times).

Now that the NV200 is going into its production phase, the finished product will have features like enough room for four passengers and their luggage; a transparent roof panel for city views; side windows that open; sliding doors with grab handles and an entry step; rear air conditioning; a carbon-lined headliner to neutralize interior odors; durable and antimicrobial seats; mobile charging stations for passengers; overhead reading lights, and a flat passenger floor. 

The NV200 will sport a 2.0L 4-cylinder powertrain, 150,000 mile powertrain warranty, low-annoyance horn with exterior lights, a 6-way adjustable driver's seat featuring both recline and lumbar adjustments, hearing loop system for the hearing impaired, driver and passenger intercom system, USB auxiliary audio input and charge port for driver, and safety improvements like front and rear-seat occupant curtain airbags and standard traction control and Vehicle Dynamic Control.

Nissan won the "Taxi of Tomorrow" contest back in May 2011. The retail price (MSRP) will be about $29,000 USD and it will start rolling out in 2014. 

The NV200 likely won't be the only Nissan taxi on NYC roads. Back in April of this year, Nissan and NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a new partnership that put six electric Leaf taxis into service.


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Not electric ?
By max_payne on 8/26/2013 2:32:51 PM , Rating: 1
Gee I was sure before reading the article that that was an electric vehicle. Bummer. Taxis are the exact type of vehicle suited for that. They can charge at special reserved stations while waiting for customers. NY will still be as polluted as before. Gasoline powered vehicles does not sound like the future to me.

RE: Not electric ?
By eskimospy on 8/26/2013 2:50:24 PM , Rating: 3
Stop where in Manhattan? There's no room for special reserved stations, and taxis in NYC don't sit around waiting for customers unless it's at the airport.

RE: Not electric ?
By M'n'M on 8/26/2013 4:51:24 PM , Rating: 3
Despite that I am surprised Major Bloomberg (Heil !) didn't mandate that it be electric.

RE: Not electric ?
By drycrust3 on 8/26/2013 6:23:01 PM , Rating: 2
Well, who would pay for the extra cost? The people of NY! If taxi companies believed it was cheaper to run electric taxis than petrol ones then they would already being doing so. If they aren't then that says the commercial costs for electric vehicles is higher than petrol ones.
If the costs are higher then that means taxi companies will charge more, and it also means they pay less taxes, than competitors who run petrol engined cars. The only way to even this out is to provide tax relief and subsides, but regardless, the end result would be that the people of NY would pay for the extra costs associated with electric powered cars. At least this way the city of NY and the US Government get taxes from taxi companies, they aren't paying them.
If you look at the pictures of the Twin Towers on fire, the one thing that really stands out is the blue sky, which says to me that air pollution is already under control in NY city.

RE: Not electric ?
By Mint on 8/27/2013 7:31:01 AM , Rating: 2
If you look at the pictures of the Twin Towers on fire, the one thing that really stands out is the blue sky, which says to me that air pollution is already under control in NY city.
Right. If you don't see pollution, it can't possibly be a problem...

If taxi companies believed it was cheaper to run electric taxis than petrol ones then they would already being doing so.
Taxi companies don't pay for gas. Drivers do. They do have to worry about maintenance, though.

The technology and infrastructure isn't quite there yet for EVs in taxis. Taxi companies need to see the results of trials (which are ongoing) with fast chargers and get all the data before adding EVs to their fleet.

RE: Not electric ?
By Jeffk464 on 8/27/2013 7:11:04 PM , Rating: 2
Never understood why they used V8 ford LTD's. They are huge get crappy mileage and don't have that much room inside. Minivans make a lot more sense.

RE: Not electric ?
By Jeffk464 on 8/26/2013 8:11:06 PM , Rating: 2
Good place for a hybrid, stop and go all day.

RE: Not electric ?
By Samus on 8/27/2013 4:04:01 AM , Rating: 2
I agree. Hybrid taxi's make more sense than any other powertrain.

Police\security patrol vehicles, taxi cabs, buses and heavy urban commuters all benefit most from hybrid technology.

RE: Not electric ?
By Odysseus145 on 8/27/2013 11:12:10 AM , Rating: 2
If not electric or hybrid then why not stop and start? As much time as these engines are going to be idling, it would seem like an obvious choice.

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