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Mockup of the KillerNic
The KillerNIC adaptor may be the latest trend in gaming hardware

Bigfoot Networks has announced its Killer Network Interface Card. The new Gigabit KillerNIC is catered towards the hardcore gamer that requires every drop of performance possible from a gaming system. Utilizing a 400MHz network processor with 64MB of dedicated PC-2100 DDR memory, the Killer NIC has plenty of power to perform Gigabit transfer rates without hogging up too many CPU cycles.

MaxFPS technology frees up CPU cycles typically taken up by heavy network traffic by offloading the required processing onto the Killer NIC’s 400MHz network processor. UltimatePing technology lowers ping by optimizing data delivery to games faster while PingThrottle technology allows users to increase or decrease ping accordingly. GameFirst Technology prioritizes network packets for games instead of background downloading utilities such as BitTorrent.

While NVIDIA has implemented features similar to MaxFPS and GameFirst in the form of its FirstPacket and TCP/IP offload functions of the nForce 500 series of chipsets, the Killer NIC is the first standalone network card to offer such features. The Killer NIC is also upgradeable with its Flexible Network Architecture which allows anyone to code programs that can take advantage of the network processor. Bigfoot Networks’ Chief Architect claims “FNapps can be anything from simple gaming chat programs or servers, to full online gaming VoIP solutions.”  This could prove interesting if a game developer’s code game to take advantage of the Killer NIC’s processing capabilities for VOIP functionality.

In a world where nearly every enthusiast motherboard has onboard Gigabit Ethernet, Bigfoot Networks may have a hard time convincing gamers a PCI Ethernet card is needed for the ultimate gaming experience, especially since PCI slots are becoming scarce on newer motherboards.

The Killer NIC will be available starting on August 16th with no mention of pricing.

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RE: I have the solution to the mess
By omniscient101 on 7/14/2006 12:11:55 AM , Rating: 3
I believe you're grossly miss-understanding/underestimating the complexity and difficulty of propper physics calculations for computers. Current x86 cores from amd and intel are not optimized to handle physics algorithms at all. I agree, netork and (most) audio traffic is in no way a bottleneck/cpu hog, but for physics, its going to be best left to a seperate 'specialized' processor.

By Scrogneugneu on 7/14/2006 7:15:12 PM , Rating: 2
I see several games with good physics engines. I have no external specialized processing unit to calculate them, and it runs on a single core processor.

If I wanted to, I could get a dual core and be able to handle much more physics. Yes, I could handle more with a specialized coprocessor. No, it wouldn't be useful for anything else than calculating physics effects.

The point is, do we REALLY need to have tons and tons of physics in games? Just take Half-Life 2, for example. Say you put 4 times more physics effects in the game. It can be run on a multicore CPU without any problem. Why in the world would you want to have 400 times more physics? I don't care if the wood I shoot on breaks in 7 parts rather than 5 big ones, 12 medium, 45 small and 200 miniatures pieces. I can still get them visually, they just wouldn't have any effect in-game. Would they really have an effect if it was calculated? No. Why calculate it then?

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