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AT&T takes the top spot for the first time

JD Power has released its 2013 rankings report for U.S. wireless carrier customer service. The report lists AT&T as the highest in wireless customer care performance among full-service carriers. Metro PCS ranks highest among non-contract carriers.
The purpose of this study is to detail how well wireless carriers provide customer service to subscribers via three main channels: telephone, online, and walk-ins at retail stores.

AT&T retail store

The study is designed to measure customer service section with each contact method and looks at the processing of issues such as the efficiency of problem resolution and how long people remain on hold. The report found that overall satisfaction among full-service wireless carrier companies with service questions and issues is 786 on a 1000-point scale (this represents a 31-point increase from six months ago).

Overall satisfaction for non-contract customers is currently at 732, 34 points higher than six months ago.

This is the first time that AT&T has ranked highest in wireless customer care satisfaction among full-service carriers with a score of 795. The report showed that AT&T scored well in walk-in and online contact channels. Metro PCS's top ranking among non-contract carriers came courtesy of its score of 770. 

Source: JD Power

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RE: Practice makes perfect?
By Xplorer4x4 on 8/3/2013 10:27:42 PM , Rating: 0
That's exactly why we paid ETFs to drop AT&T.8/12 months, maybe more, the bill was wrong. If this happened once, maybe twice a year, I would be alight. Errors happen. but when it happens 3/4 of the time, there is no excuse. Eventually it gets to the point, if they can not get shit right, they need to start giving small credits like $5-$10 for the customer calling in all the time.

Since going to VZW, things have not been perfect but aside from 2 incidents, some what connected, my phone call to customer service have been excellent. I was typically on and off the phone in less then 10 min. Virtually no wait time, and when I told them what the problem was, it was fixed with no hassle.

The exception was our upgrade in December. My girlfriend got an iPhone 5 and I told her to examine it for scratches as soon as the tech handed it to her. Sure enough it was scratched. Well the store rep was lazy and put both upgrade fees on one line. Took him, his supervisor and another rep like 45 min to fix the problem and issue her a new phone while I was doing the little tweaks I wanted to my stock Razr HD. He also tried to make it sound like there was a way to keep unlimited data. Of course I questioned him on that and it was not true. First bill comes and it is incredibly high. I forgot they charge you a month in advance. A reminder would have been nice. There was another issue to but I forgot what. In the end a rep promised a free dual-usb car charger, holster/kickstand case for my Razr HD and a case for the GF's iPhone. Yeah in the long run they were not free and my case was bent, and the gf didn't want the POS bumper case. Kept the charger and sent the rest back. 2 months of calling CS and finally after numerous wrong support tickets and other bs, they claimed the items were not returned in the packages. Bullshit, the bumper case was never even opened. Mine was open but back in the case. So I know they were full of crap. They did give me a half refund for 2 months worth of trouble. More bs. Called and asked how much the ETF was and they were quick to refund the other half of the accessory charges. No problems for the past several months now. Oh and a CS Supervisor hung up on me because I called him out on speaking over me. He denied it and did it like 2 min later. Called him out again and he hung up on me.

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