Optimus OLED Keypad gets a launch date

The revolutionary Optomus Mini Three keypad finally has a launch date and Art. Lebedev Studio has begun taking pre-orders for the device. The Mini Three uses small OLED screens embedded in the individual keys allowing each to display different images depending on the user’s preference.  The keypad comes with software that allows the user to choose what each display shows and can be changed on the fly depending on what application is being used.

The device connects via USB and each key has a resolution of 96x96 pixels. The device can support animated graphics at 5fps and is capable of displaying 262,000 colors at a viewing angle of 160 degrees. The keypad currently supports Windows; however, the company plans to release its software across multiple platforms in the future. The keys are set in an aluminum housing (either black or natural) and each is made of a clear resin material with the OLED embedded into it. The company expects each OLED to have a lifespan of around 5,000 hours.

The keypad will ship worldwide September 1 for $160 US or can be pre-ordered for $120 USD until August 1. In the future, the company still hopes to ship its 101-key full sized keyboard utilizing the same technology giving users the opportunity to have a fully customizable keyboard on the fly.

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