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  (Source: ABC News)
Manning could spend over six decades of his life behind bars, but will likely one day see freedom

Sources: PBS [liveblog], Charge Sheet [via The Washington Post], Google Docs [Manning's Statement], ABC News [liveblog]

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By dlapine on 7/30/2013 5:51:03 PM , Rating: 2
It's important to note that he tried to do that before releasing information to Wikileaks. He contacted multiple public sources, none of which responded. You may be able to make a case that Wikileaks has no use, but don't blame him for not trying the US new agencies first. It's the failure of the NY Times, The Washington Post and Politico for ignoring what he offered them.

It's also important to note larger issues here- the government pressed charges using the Espionage Act, which applies to all Americans, and regardless of the sentence they sought, charges of this nature could as easily be pressed any against reporter who also covered the information that was released. Had the government succeeded in those charges, any US reporter who even talked about the leaks would have been equally vulnerable charges of "aiding the enemy". Even you Jason.

Thanks, but I'd rather we had a little more control of our own government than that. You should have the freedom to report about government crimes without worrying about a jail sentence.

I don't believe that our freedom of the press should be curtailed by this kind of intimidation. When members of the military or the government commit crimes, using the excuse of national security should not be a reason to hide them, even if the crimes were committed by dedicated people trying to protect America.

You have to credit to Manning for confessing to using an inappropriate means to seeking justice. You also need to note that the government acted in outrage to having it's crimes exposed and sought to have him locked in prison for life because of it.

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