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The duo wants a 300 GB capacity disk by 2015

Sony and Panasonic have announced that they have signed a basic agreement that will see them jointly develop a new standard for professional-use optical discs. The objective of the two companies is to expand their business for long-term digital data storage by developing an optical disc with a capacity of at least 300 GB.
The two companies are directly targeting businesses that need archival storage including motion picture, broadcasting, and cloud service industries.

Optical discs are likely to remain a preferred long-term storage option because the discs are dust- and water-resistant. Another significant benefit of using optical discs is that they allow inter-generational compatibility between different formats -- that means older optical formats can be read on current generation optical drives.
Sony and Panasonic hope to make the 300GB optical disc available by 2015. 

Source: Sony

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RE: How cute
By CaedenV on 7/30/2013 10:49:21 AM , Rating: 2
Being 'non-volatile' in flash simply means that it does not loose data immediately upon power loss (like SDRam or other memory storage devices). However, the life of a shelved SSD is MUCH shorter than the shelf life of an optical disc. Just a few years ago it was not uncomon to hear about file corruption occurring in SSDs after just a few months of not having a power source, and even current gen drives would not likely last much longer than a year or two. It is simply not a good archival storage medium.

Meanwhile, an optical disc can last a very long time in a dry low oxygen environment, which makes it a great archival medium, which is why a 500GB disc would be great for enterprise backups which are still typically done on tape because that is the next best thing.

The interesting thing of note here is that there was no mention of this being used for the consumer market. Blu Ray is the last optical standard that most of us will ever see (and good riddance!). Future movies, games, and media that will not fit on BluRay will simply move to cloud distribution, or (like movie theaters) HDD distribution.

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