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From 10% with XBOX to 60% with XBOX 360

According to Gamasutra, Microsoft's XBOX Live service has quite the following nowadays. While Sony has been talking up its online service for some time now, Microsoft is actually expanding and refining its service. According to the latest statistics, 60% of XBOX 360 users are using XBOX Live. That is a dramatic increase from the 10% attach rate with the original XBOX console. Of the 60% that are on XBOX Live, 75% use the XBOX Live Marketplace where over 30 million downloads have taken place. 65% of connected users visit the XBOX Live Arcade where more than 5 million games have been downloaded. Gamasutra reports:

XBOX Live has hosted over two billion hours of gaming, including over 500 million games of Halo 2. It also handles over 900,000 voice and text messages per day. But there’s plenty more where that came from, with Microsoft on-track to hit its target of six million XBOX Live accounts in 2007.

The future also looks bright for XBOX Live as Microsoft is looking to fuse its XBOX 360 console gaming experience with users on both PCs and mobile devices with the Live Anywhere initiative. According to Gamasutra, the first titles to take advantage of Live Anywhere will be the PC version of Halo 2 for Vista and Shadowrun.

Sony has its work cut out for it in creating an online infrastructure for its PlayStation 3 users. Microsoft has a few years under its belt with XBOX Live and is banking on its success. Sony has to look at Microsoft's success and missteps with XBOX Live to ensure that it has a stellar community for gamers. Earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it will also be making classic games such as Pac-Man and Frogger available for download on XBOX Live Arcade.

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RE: Sony not a compelete Noob
By nwrigley on 7/13/2006 2:30:32 PM , Rating: 1
oh no $4.17 a month is way to much to pay. If you are a hardcore gamer then that amount is nothing. Still cheaper than a PS3.

PS3 does not have plans to charge for their online service, so how is it cheaper? Also, why should it be priced so that only a "hardcore gamer" would be attracted to the service?

You use the term "hardcore gamer" like a badge of honor. I'm not sure why anyone, regardless of whether they are "hardcore" or not would want to pay to play a game online with a 360 when they can play it for free with other systems (such as a PC).

RE: Sony not a compelete Noob
By IMPoor on 7/13/2006 3:09:44 PM , Rating: 2
first off, Sorry to piss you off but I did not mean to say that $50 (4.17/month) is better than free. I would love it if it is free. And I agree you are correct that just because microsoft lost money on the system we should not have to pay for it. But truth be told that is the way console gaming works (all systems, not just M$). The sell the consoles at a loss and make money on games and console related hardware. Again I would rather have it be free. And I doubt sony is setting up such a vast infrastructure. In fact I heard rumors that it is mostly up to the game developers to set up their own servers.

Oh yeah $399 plus $50 is cheaper than $599 for the PS3. It would take 4 years to even out and I still have doubts whether Sony's online is up to par with xbox live. AndI wont be buying a playstation.

If it cost more to make than to buy, then it is a bargain to the consumer if said consumer is going to buy that item. I wish things where free but $4.17/month is close enough imho.

RE: Sony not a compelete Noob
By killerroach on 7/13/2006 7:18:17 PM , Rating: 2
$399 plus $50 a year, when the console also lacks a major marketing feature of the PS3 (a next-gen optical drive), is not insignificant (not to mention, feature-for-feature, excusing the Blu-Ray drive, the $399 360 is closer to the $499 PS3). At that point, cost basically becomes a wash, and it comes down more to what console has the games one wants to play. Some will gravitate to the 360 largely for Halo 3 or Xbox Live Arcade, while others might head to the PS3 for MGS4, Final Fantasy XIII, or the more-or-less 100% backwards compatibility with PS1/PS2 games (giving the aspiring gaming treasure hunter a lot more opportunities to find something they might want if graphics aren't an issue, kinda like the Wii's Virtual Console). And I can't fault either. As for me, I'll "split the difference"... get a PS3 mainly to load up on PS2 games that I've missed out on from not getting that console while still having the ability to play new titles, and get a 360 controller or two to hook into my PC, as they are surprisingly good for such a small controller (I may be the only person on earth who liked the original Xbox controller).

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