Deemed as having excellent stability

AMD has announced its Commercial Stable Image Platform Program certified systems have been deemed as having excellent stability. The tests were conducted by VeriTest a subsidiary of LioNBRIDGE. The AMD test systems were based on NVIDIA’s Business Platform. VeriTest put the AMD systems through a series of vigorous high stress tests involving VeriTest, PC World, SiSoftware and Futuremark applications. Systems had to pass Passmark’s BurnInTest Professional V5 utility too.

According to AMD’s skewed press release an Intel based system failed the 15-day burn-in test and was a bit unstable. However, after reading the VeriTest study it was only one Intel-based system manufactured by MPC that was unstable. The test only had two NVIDIA Business Platform based systems versus seven Intel-based systems.

Ironically NVIDIA’s list of certified Business Platform motherboards consist of four Socket 939 based motherboards with no Socket AM2 Business Platform motherboards in sight. This is interesting as AMD’s latest PCN shows the Athlon 64 3200+ used in VeriTest’s test systems as being discontinued with a lot of other Socket 939 based processors. AMD has been aggressively discontinuing its Socket 939 and 754 lineup in favor of newer DDR2 touting Socket AM2 processors. There’s no word on how well AMD Commercial Stable Image Platform and NVIDIA Business Platform systems will compete with Intel’s upcoming vPro platform based systems.

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