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Deemed as having excellent stability

AMD has announced its Commercial Stable Image Platform Program certified systems have been deemed as having excellent stability. The tests were conducted by VeriTest a subsidiary of LioNBRIDGE. The AMD test systems were based on NVIDIA’s Business Platform. VeriTest put the AMD systems through a series of vigorous high stress tests involving VeriTest, PC World, SiSoftware and Futuremark applications. Systems had to pass Passmark’s BurnInTest Professional V5 utility too.

According to AMD’s skewed press release an Intel based system failed the 15-day burn-in test and was a bit unstable. However, after reading the VeriTest study it was only one Intel-based system manufactured by MPC that was unstable. The test only had two NVIDIA Business Platform based systems versus seven Intel-based systems.

Ironically NVIDIA’s list of certified Business Platform motherboards consist of four Socket 939 based motherboards with no Socket AM2 Business Platform motherboards in sight. This is interesting as AMD’s latest PCN shows the Athlon 64 3200+ used in VeriTest’s test systems as being discontinued with a lot of other Socket 939 based processors. AMD has been aggressively discontinuing its Socket 939 and 754 lineup in favor of newer DDR2 touting Socket AM2 processors. There’s no word on how well AMD Commercial Stable Image Platform and NVIDIA Business Platform systems will compete with Intel’s upcoming vPro platform based systems.

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By Exodus220 on 7/11/2006 12:38:28 PM , Rating: 2
I recently read that AMD is looking to acquiring ATI and I am confused as to how this would impact the market. I know that for awhile AMD has been doing well with NVidia. COrrect me if I am wrong, but it was only until recently that Nvidia made a chipset for the Intel platform. So if AMD is still working with Nvidia then what is going to happen when they do acquire ATI (the direct competitor to Nvidia)?

Not a fanboi....
By Exodus220 on 7/11/2006 12:40:29 PM , Rating: 2
I am not a fanboi anymore either. My early computers ran ATI and VIA parts but then my upgrade has left me with Nvidia motherboard and video I don't have an allegiance to either. I just want to select the best option (although I think I would jump back to ATI if they upgraded their IGP for the motherboards).

RE: Confused
By Griswold on 7/11/2006 1:19:14 PM , Rating: 2
I dont see what the problem could be if there was a merger between AMD and ATI. Nvidia is making money this way (so, no reason to stop anything from their side) and AMD has more than one leg (chipset/platform) to stand on - besides their ancient AMD8000.

In the end, the mobo makers decide which chipset route they go and there is, yet again, no reason to limit their options.

Business as usual.

RE: Confused
By kilkennycat on 7/11/2006 2:13:54 PM , Rating: 3
If AMD acquire ATi and you have not sold all your AMD stock by then, sell the rest immediately. Notice that Intel has been shedding staff and peripheral businesses left right and center to return to "their (core) knitting". AMD diluting their focus on getting their 65nm process fully up and a new microarchitecture (K8L?) developed and in full production just to take on a limping GPU business would be fatal. It seems that p**ing-off your major motherboard chip-set partner (nVidia) when trying to sell as many of the current processors as possible would be just honing the knife before applying it to your own throat.

RE: Confused
By vtohthree on 7/11/2006 3:33:06 PM , Rating: 2
Agreed with kilkenny, not to mention...Nvidia CEO has made such a statement, that if in fact the rumours were true between ATi and AMD, that they would pull out support.

RE: Confused
By Master Kenobi on 7/11/2006 3:44:05 PM , Rating: 2
ATI and AMD merger would put them in a position to directly compete with Intel on multiple levels. Right now Intel owns close to 50% of the Graphics market (and its all IGP, altho rumor has it Intel is looking into discreet gfx again). From a business standpoint, Corporations buy Intel only machines because the chipset, motherboard, processor, graphics, and just about everything on the board, short of the OS is Intel and supported by Intel. Microsoft works very closely with Intel to make sure Windows works on these boxes. This is how Intel and Microsoft dominate the corporate sector. "It just has to work" isn't a joke. By AMD buying ATi, AMD could start to manufacture motherboards, chipsets, and integrated/discreet gfx, paired with AMD processors, and they could potentially break into the corporate sector and get some market share away from AMD. That's really the best running theory I can see behind this. Corporations drive the mass computer market, not home users, not us enthusiasts. The other thing is that AMD would need to merge with ATI, fully integrate the offerings, and then get Microsoft on board to fully support the hardware in house, which Microsoft gladly does for Intel since Intel IS the corporate sector, and Microsoft makes all its money in the corporate sector.

From a business standpoint, this would probably be a good move for AMD, they could be more competitive with Intel. However nVidia may as a result link up with Intel, in which case Intel's R&D (which rolls out new technology at a rediculous pace) with nVidia's engineers, we could see a huge jump in graphics processing power. How about 65nm GPU's? Yea we could see that kind of result, and don't think nVidia wouldn't love access to Intel's large number of fabs, and the equipment to crank out 65nm or smaller versions of GPU's. It would blow ATI out of the water pretty quickly unless AMD could do the same with ATI.

Ah well, just a thought.

RE: Confused
By Viditor on 7/11/2006 8:27:40 PM , Rating: 2
kilkennycat - A few corrections if I may...

1. The 65nm process is now at fully mature yields (prior to production) and has been churning out 65nm ES parts since October 2005.
2. K8L isn't really a new microarchitecture, it's a revamp of existing architecture (K10 will be the new architecture).
3. ATI is both a chipset and a GPU business.
4. Nvidia recently spent a lot of money to gain an Intel bus license, and Intel is still both the largest GPU and the largest chipset manufacturer in the world . While they may not like an AMD+ATI merger, I can't see them "pulling out" either...if they did that they might as well close their doors.
5. The rumoured merger would allow AMD to standardize many things (like SLI) on their platform.
6. AMD already competes with Nvidia in chipsets for servers, though this has not hurt the alliance even a little bit.
7. AMD must and does create a chipset for each new release of CPU, and this development is more expensive for them than the CPU development is. The proposed merger would drastically cut these development costs.

RE: Confused
By killerroach on 7/11/2006 3:30:55 PM , Rating: 2
In a very twisted way, AMD buying ATI could be a boon to nVidia... thanks to nVidia's close relationship with AMD, it could lead to SLI interoperability on Crossfire motherboards, not to mention the 4x4 initiative also could give nVidia a foot in the door for making standalone GPU and PPU units, elements that could allow for nVidia to get into a more profitable direct sales model rather than having to rely on channel partners to build cards (and in the process theoretically raising quality control standards)...

RE: Confused
By daddypop on 7/12/2006 11:25:45 AM , Rating: 2
If ATi and AMD where to merge together, then why would NVIDIA be joining up with AMD. Why would ATi be working so closely with Intel and not offering a 3 PCI Express motherboard for AMD. This is a wrong thing, there will be NOTHING between AMD and ATi.
NVIDIA isnt using the AM2 socket because AMD hasnt made the AM2 cpu's part of the CSIP program, if you cant understand that then you shoudlnt be reading from this website. AMD is known for not having sockets last very long and the CSIP means it WILL be available for at least one year, who knowns if AM2 will be with AM3 already being talked about.
People need to quit making stuff up and look at the facts and use their BRAIN!!!

Open to all
By crystal clear on 7/12/2006 1:47:43 AM , Rating: 2
Nvidia works on a simple policy-We work with everybody-
We are open for business with anybody wanting to work with
us.This policy keeps all the options open & the revenues
keep on coming in.
Its WE the Buyers decide what we want on our computers,it
could be Nvidia or ATI-let it be the home users or gamers
or corporate buyers.
Nvidia has built for itself a good reputation for quality
products,that the buyers prefers it to ATI.
So any merger/takeover/buyout of ATI by AMD will not effect
NVIDIA-because WE the Buyers want NVIDIA so AMD will give it.

RE: Open to all
By Griswold on 7/12/2006 8:16:37 AM , Rating: 2
I can agree with almost anything you said, just not with:

Nvidia has built for itself a good reputation for quality products,that the buyers prefers it to ATI.

From my experience (a current NF4 and GF7 owner, mind you), nvidia is far from only delivering high quality products. All their chipsets have been flawed since the original nforce, some flaws (IDE SW for example) have been dragged on for many years. Adding broken features such as active armor didnt help at all.

On my DFI NF4 board, I cant use the NV SATA drivers (data corruption), the NV gigbait lan port is unreliable (randomly drops connection) so I'm forced to use the second port, which is from Marvell and of course active armor doesnt work (it works for nobody).

My rig works and I'm content with it, I just dont want to pay for stuff that doesnt work as intended.

As far as I'm concerned, nvidia wont be my first choice any longer from this point on.

Dont confuse fanboy brand loyalty with trust in quality.

"A lot of people pay zero for the cellphone ... That's what it's worth." -- Apple Chief Operating Officer Timothy Cook
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