A compilation of 95 AMD products recently EOL'ed
Socket 939 and 754 on life support, long live AM2

DailyTech previously reported AMD’s end-of-life dates for remaining Socket 939 and 754 products. It appears AMD has released a few more PCNs with updates on mobile and server end-of-life (EOL), which includes single-core Athlon 64, Athlon 64 X2, Sempron, Turion and Opteron products.  This brings the total number of EOL'ed products this quarter to 95.

On the Socket 754 side of things the Sempron 2600+, 3100+, 3300+ and 3400+ have been discontinued in favor of the unified Socket AM2 models. Turion models ML-32, ML-34, ML-37, ML-40, ML-42 and ML-44 have been discontinued in favor of newer Socket S1 parts, rounding out the list of discontinued Socket 754 parts.  The MT-32, MT-34, MT-37 and MT-40 chips are also on the way out.

AMD is discontinuing three Socket 940 Opteron processors as well. The discontinued Opteron’s include the 246, 848 and 865 models. AMD is expected to launch a new generation of Opteron processors with its upcoming Socket F based processors.

DailyTech has also been told the AMD 8151 HyperTransport AGP3.0 Graphics tunnel has been EOL’ed too. This may possible be due to NVIDIA’s nForce Pro taking over the AMD professional workstation and server chipset market with its PCI Express capable chipsets.

AMD earlier issued a PCN that discontinues a major portion of its Socket 939 and 754 product lineup. The discontinued products include the single-core Athlon 64 3000+, 3200+, 3400+, 3500+, 3700+ and 3800+ models. Athlon 64 X2 3800+, 4400+ and 4800+ have been discontinued as well. Previous flagship Athlon 64 FX-53, FX-55 and FX-57 round out the list of discontinued Athlon 64 products.

Update 07/11/2006: This morning AMD has announced the planned EOL of the rest of the 939 processors for December 2006

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