With all the major players ramping up production on 6th gen and 7th gen factories, the market is expected to get more LCD panels than it can handle

S-LCD (Samsung/Sony), LG Philips LCD, AUO, CMO and now NEC -- What do the five largest LCD manufacturers have in common?  Within a week, all have announced that 7th generation LCD manufacturing facilities are the name of the game. All five major manufacturers are ramping up production of LCD panels this year and are expected to exceed demand for supply by up to a staggering 15%, according to EETimes.

LCD manufacturing is on high competition as the top four major companies compete with each other for market share. Recently, LCD displays have dropped significantly in price and are now available in prices that are competitive with traditional CRT displays. EETimes predicts that the largest three LCD manufacturers -- Samsung, LG and Taiwan's AU Optics -- will be producing a combined total of more than 435,000 panels on a monthly basis at peak.

With more than enough panels to go around, expect to see even deeper price drops this year as LCDs continue their reign as the de facto standard in displays. 2006 is already looking to be a buyer's market for new displays. 

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