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The district plans to use $30 million in tax money to fund the first $31,000 devices, but is looking for other options to fund the rest

Apple scored a major contract last month to deploy iPads in a Los Angeles school district, and more details about that deal are trickling out. 

CITEworld reports that the Los Angeles Unified School District will receive 31,000 iPads this school year as part of phase one of the overall iPad deployment. This first phase is currently in action, delivering iPads to 49 of the district's 1,124 K-12 schools.

The district has 640,000 students total, and the goal is to have an iPad for each student. The LA Unified School District plans to complete the rest of the phases under the contract with Apple by late 2014, when each and every student should have an iPad of their own. 

The contract between the LA school district and Apple is worth $30 million, but students will get to use them for free. The district plans to use $30 million in tax money to fund the first $31,000 devices, but is looking for other options to fund the rest.

"The most important thing is to try to prepare the kids for the technology they are going to face when they are going to graduate," said Mark Hovatter, the chief facilities executive for the LAUSD. "This is phase one, a mix of high school, middle school, and elementary students. We're targeting kids who most likely don't have their own computers or laptops or iPads. Their only exposure to computers now is going to be in their schools."

The iPads aim to offer students a more well-rounded education by providing a firm grip on technology and how to use it in various situations such as testing, studying and communicating with teachers/students; interactive lessons; reference videos; digital textbooks (book publisher Pearson currently has a contract with Apple to use its textbooks on the iPads); schedules drawn up by teachers, and educational software.   

Apple won the contract with the LA district last month when the Board of Education voted 6 to 0 to approve it. The board came to this conclusion after receiving positive input about iPad use from teachers and students. The iPad was also the least expensive device. 

The iPads will come pre-loaded with educational software, but won't include a keyboard. They have a three-year warranty that includes free replacement devices up to 5 percent of the value of the purchase price. 
The school district has committed to spending "hundreds of millions of dollars" with Apple over the next two years, since they chose the company as their only tablet vendor. 

Source: CITEworld

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RE: iPad
By kleinma on 7/26/2013 2:41:36 PM , Rating: 1
So the government of california just has one bank account that several people can write checks out of? Everything in government is broken down into groups, and budgets are assigned everywhere. Just because its tax payer money, doesn't mean there is an endless supply of it. If the iPads for school children budget can't be met, they don't just go and take money from the california highway repair budget to cover the difference...

RE: iPad
By Reclaimer77 on 7/26/2013 5:35:19 PM , Rating: 3
Please tell me you aren't this neive...

Most States are in some kind of debt situation. Yes, they DO spend money as if there's an endless supply. When its other peoples money being spent, you have zero incentive to care about a budget.

Come on, this is basic basic stuff.

RE: iPad
By batjohn on 7/26/2013 11:57:23 PM , Rating: 2
Naive? When insulting someone try to use proper spelling... Speaking of basic things...

A bit Cynical as well aren't we?

RE: iPad
By Reclaimer77 on 7/27/2013 1:09:07 AM , Rating: 2

I was posting that on my phone and made a typo, it happens. Sue me :)

A bit Cynical as well aren't we?

Well no I don't think so. I'm just saying how it is. You have to be willfully ignorant not to see the culture of waste and incompetence that has permeated every level of governance in this nation.

The fact that he specifically used the highway/road funds as his example, when it's the single biggest source of pork barrel and non-road funding out there, kinda disqualifies him as an informed debater.

RE: iPad
By kmmatney on 7/28/2013 1:33:54 PM , Rating: 2
It's mainly the pensions. My wife works part-time for the school district in the elementary school program. The former director of the program was recently able to retire, with his full salary for life, at age 51. He worked for the school district for many years, starting out as a teacher's aid, and then as a teacher. He did a crappy job, so they kept moving him around, and he eventually spent the last 5 years as the director of the preschool program (still doing a crappy job) with a significant pay raise. Even though he spent the majority of his years at a lower wage, on retirement he gets his final, highest salary, for life, at age 51! And he gets the pension even if he gets another job. What other sort of job, besides government, gets that sort of benefit?

RE: iPad
By Nutzo on 7/26/2013 6:14:31 PM , Rating: 3
California has been raiding the transportation budget for years so they could keep on spending.

As for LA, they have some of the worse pot-hole filled streets of any major city in the country. One of the reasons is the lack of funds for road repair, yet they have plenty of money from the city budget for education that gets spent on junk like this.

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