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Developer kit functionality won't be available at launch

There were a lot of independent developers out there who were unhappy when Microsoft announced that they would need a publisher to get video games onto the Xbox One game console. Thankfully, Microsoft has now changed its mind with an announcement that every Xbox One game console will be able to make video games.

These independently developed video games will be made available via Xbox Live. However, there is a bit of a caveat -- the devkit functionality for the Xbox One won't come at launch. Microsoft plans to add that capability at some undefined later date.

"Our vision is that every person can be a creator,” said Microsoft a statement. “That every Xbox One can be used for development. That every game and experience can take advantage of all of the features of Xbox One and Xbox LIVE. This means self-publishing. This means Kinect, the cloud, achievements. This means great discoverability on Xbox LIVE. We'll have more details on the program and the timeline at gamescom in August."

Microsoft's Xbox corporate vice president Marc Whitten told Kotaku, "My goal is for it to just show up in the marketplace. Of course there will be different pivots inside of that. There will be everything from what are we curating, kind of like spotlight content, to the normal discoverability stuff like recommendations, what's trending, what's got a lot of engagement on the platform."

Whether or not Microsoft will charge developers to publish their games directly remains to be seen. Whitten also says that he hopes some sort of certification system will be required for independent games to be published to ensure that there is no IP infringement or other issues with content published to the Xbox One.

Source: Kotaku

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RE: aha
By Reclaimer77 on 7/26/2013 9:15:25 AM , Rating: 2
lol Ok please, just stop.

Do me a favor, go to Newegg or whatever site you prefer, and try to build me a complete "gaming PC" for around $400. You can't!

And no, you can't use a goddamned Core2 Duo for the CPU. Whoever suggested that is an idiot. That chip design is nearly ten years old! Where would you find a new in-box one anyway? There's none on Newegg, Amazon, not even Ebay.

If you have to use ten year old freaking used parts to bolster your argument, you didn't have one in the first place.

RE: aha
By Mitch101 on 7/27/2013 8:47:01 PM , Rating: 2
I can and I think I can do a better job on the 1TB hard drive for $70.00 especially since 3tb goes on sale for $99.00

AMD QUAD x640 $59.99 - On Sale
Case $20.00 AR - Sure its cheap
Power Supply $15.00 AR
8gb Ram $44.95 AR/Sale
Mobo 760G $30.00
1TB Hard Drive $70.00
Windows 8 $55.00 Recent Ebay/Spoofee deal Free 8.1 upgrade
Radeon 7790 $99.00 AR
Total $393.94

The 7790 is faster than the Radeon 6870.
I also think I can probably find a combo deal if I cared enough to look.

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