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It's taking a lesson or two from the Samsung playbook

Apple is finally breaking its mold and testing different screen sizes for its mobile gadgets like the iPhone and iPad. 

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple has asked its Asian suppliers for larger prototypes of its smartphone and tablet screens. The Cupertino, Calif. company wants prototype screens for the iPhone to be larger than 4 inches, and the prototype screens for the iPad to be just under 13 inches diagonally.

Currently, the iPhone 5 has a 4-inch screen, and the iPad's screen measures 9.7 inches. The iPad mini has a 7.9-inch screen.

This is a big step for Apple, and further shows how much has changed since former CEO Steve Jobs left the company. Jobs used to say that an iPhone screen size any larger than 3.5 inches (which was the screen size for all iPhones up until the iPhone 5) didn't make sense. He insisted it was the perfect size for holding it in your hand.

But Apple is now watching competitors like Samsung offer screens of various sizes for both smartphones and tablets, and customers are responding favorably to it. It offers consumers a variety to choose from, depending on what's best for them and their needs. 

This method seems to be working for Samsung. The Android-powered device maker now has 33.1 percent of the smartphone market worldwide while Apple only has 17.9 percent worldwide.

Apple still holds the top spot for tablet market share, though. As of Q1 2013, Apple had 39.6 percent of the market while Samsung only had 17.9 percent. However, Apple's tablet market share fell from 58.1 percent in the year-ago quarter while Samsung's market share grew from 11.3 percent in that same time period. 

Last month, Reuters reported that Apple was looking to launch two new iPhone screen sizes next year: 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch versions.

It also reported that Apple wanted to release a more affordable iPhone -- possibly with a $99 price tag and a variety of colors. 

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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Larger Screens?
By Apone on 7/22/2013 12:18:47 PM , Rating: 5
Funny how Apple fans always clown Samsung and other manufacturers who make bigger-screen 5-6" smartphones (aka phablets)as being ridiculous and desperate, but when Apple does it, then it's innovative, right?

RE: Larger Screens?
By MaulBall789 on 7/22/2013 3:04:49 PM , Rating: 2
I wouldn't say so. More like lack of a clear vision going forward. Instead of following what others are doing in the smartphone and tablet market that they created, Apple needs to keep forging ahead with exploiting the next underserved or underutilized market segment, the same way they did with iPod, iPhone and iPad. This is where Jobs will be missed the most by Apple as well as the rest of the tech world (no matter how much he was hated).

RE: Larger Screens?
By Apone on 7/23/2013 1:14:55 AM , Rating: 2
Instead of following what others are doing in the smartphone and tablet market that they created, Apple needs to....

Exactly what markets did Apple create? MP3 players, tablets, and smartphones have existed way before the iPod, iPad, and iPhone were a reality.

Sure I agree with your reasoning about how Apple should return to its roots but you cannot deny that they've had their fair share of copying, stealing, piggybacking, and most importantly creative marketing for their products.

RE: Larger Screens?
By MaulBall789 on 7/23/2013 5:56:19 PM , Rating: 2
I'm not saying that Apple outright created mp3 players, tablets, or even smartphones. But they absolutely created the large market base for these types of devices to thrive. Do you think Samsung came up with the Galaxy line of smartphones to compete with Blackberry, Palm or Symbian? Did Microsoft create the Zune to compete with Creative or Sony? Of course not. And tablets had been given up for dead as a product segment several years before the iPad was released. Remember the old Windows XP tablets around 2003? They were interesting but not very usable as a tablet and manufacturers abandoned them pretty quickly.

If we're being completely honest here, Google's Android, Samsung's smartphone and tablet series, Microsoft's Surface/Metro OS, Amazon's Kindle Fire, none of these would exist in any meaningful way without Apple's iOS devices establishing the market for them first.

RE: Larger Screens?
By u74s1r on 8/5/2013 9:20:49 AM , Rating: 2
quote: This is where Jobs will be missed the most by Apple as well as the rest of the tech world (no matter how much he was hated).

Jobs had his fans as well as his haters but Jobs is to blame for hanging up Apple phones on small screen sizes and losing untold millions in terms of sales to large screen companies such as Samsung, HTC and others. It was his strategy that has put Apple in the situation it is trying to get itself out of now. Hopefully Cook will excel in this and bring more choices to the iPhone line as well as the Tablets. The way technology is going, small screen sizes will be a thing of the past very soon except for those who use the phone for the most basic of purposes.

I have both Apple and Samsung products but prefer Apple. I waited on the iPhone to get a large screen but it did not arrive and my patience wore thin and I jumped on the Galaxy Note as I can actually do some work with relative ease on it verses the iPhone 4/5, the latter of which I just passed on because I was simply not impressed with it. What I would like to see is the iPad Mini get a high resolution screen (doesn't have to be a retina but at least equal the Nexus) and have iPhone capability. Folks in my line of work that are constantly on the go and constantly communicating would benefit greatly with such a device where a laptop is just not practical.

RE: Larger Screens?
By Donkey2008 on 7/30/2013 12:18:49 AM , Rating: 2
Can you show me a link where Apple fans are bashing Samsung for making larger screens? Didn't think so. Typical Fandroid making stuff up to justify his hatred of Apple.

In fact, many Apple fans have been asking for larger screens for a long time. Duuuh.

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