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Some units still available through resellers

Microsoft has been having a rough time with its fledgling Windows RT operating system. Devices using the tablet-centric operating system, have sold poorly since the operating system was introduced last year. The flagship tablet running the operating system from Microsoft, Surface RT, recently received a significant price cut in an effort to spur sales.

Another Windows RT licensee, Lenovo, recently removed the Yoga 11 hybrid tablet that runs Windows RT from its online lineup. Some analysts are seeing Lenovo's move as another sign that computer makers in general are beginning to abandon the Windows RT operating system

Lenovo posted a page on its website that said the Yoga 11 hybrid tablet is no longer available directly from Lenovo, but people interested in the device "may still buy this product from a Lenovo retailer or reseller."

Back in May, a version of the Yoga 11 tablet called the Yoga 11S running an Intel Core processor launched. That version of the tablet runs the full-blown Windows 8 operating system.

Analyst Jack Gold from J. Gold Associates said, "I think you’ll see most vendors of RT tablets move in the same direction as Lenovo. RT tablets have not been selling well at all."

"New Intel chips should help get the battery/power down so vendors can achieve parity with iPads and other ARM tablets," he continued.

Source: PC World

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RE: WinRT will fail
By jimbo2779 on 7/19/2013 4:24:20 AM , Rating: 2
Everything points to WinRT costing a similar price to Win8Pro so lets say its $30 (probably much cheaper in bulk) and that includes full Office. Android tablet/phone makers pay MS royalties in the region of $10 per device so the difference is $20. Also most of these RT devices have ARM chips in them as if they had Atom or above they would likely be running Win8Pro so the price differential is far more due to the manufacturer than anything to do with MS or Intel.

To shift these items now they should be pointing out the cool things in having full office in a cheap tablet, full web browser and email capability as well as all the cool games/apps in the appstore.

Obviously they don't have the amount of apps that their competition has but realistically the MS app store has most things the huge majority will want and they need to show this otherwise nobody will ever want one.

I probably would have bought one as a toy device had the price not been the same or higher than an iPad with generally better build quality and hardware specs and massive app store for a similar price.

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