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Software update won't change window stickers

Ford has announced that it will be applying a software update to its hybrid vehicles with the intention of improving the real world fuel efficiency for owners. The software update will be made available for approximately 77,000 Ford Fusion, C-Max, and Lincoln MKZ hybrid vehicles.

The update will also be made available for all 2014 model year hybrids. Ford has said that the update will "reduce the variability in MPG" many owners see. The update will help optimize active grill shutters to reduce aerodynamic drag, and increase the electric-only top speed from 62 mph to 85 mph among other things.
The software update is a response to owners of Ford hybrid vehicles who have complained they can't achieve the 47 mpg average promised by the EPA.

2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid
Ford hybrid owners over at have reported real world combined ratings of 40 mpg and 41 mpg respectively for the C-Max and Fusion. This is well short of Ford’s claimed 47 mpg combined rating for the two hybrids.

Ford claims that many of the complaints of poor fuel efficiency have come from owners in the Midwest. Some of the issue for these owners is linked to the colder climate and higher speed limits, both factors that can negatively impact hybrid fuel efficiency. The software update will not change window sticker fuel economy ratings according to Ford and the EPA is aware of the new software.

Ford is currently fighting lawsuits over the fuel efficiency claims after some of its hybrid vehicles were unable to achieve the promised fuel efficiency. The C-Max and Fusion hybrids have been criticized for not being able to meet fuel efficiency claims in real world consumer and third-party tests.

Source: Detroit News

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RE: Edit needed
By alpha754293 on 7/18/2013 12:31:43 PM , Rating: 3
DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed here are solely that of my own and are not representative of Ford Motor Company or its affiliates.

Except Hyundai/Kia who got busted for it.

For those that are complaining about how there's a disparity and how there's a huge discrepancy between the published and the actual numbers - lemme ask you this: if YOU were to come up with a test that you can apply to EVERY car that's made by ANYBODY, and you have to capture the whole RANGE of how, and where people drive, what would your test (or series of tests) look like?

Remember that it has to apply equally in Alaska as it would in Arizona, as well as in Colorado as well as Louisana. And that driving up and down the test must give you comparable numbers as you drive up and down the Applachians towards the East coast as you would get driving on I-80 in Iowa (South of Dexter) to the I-80/I-680 split).

And it also has to apply also equally in LA or Manhattan as it would on SH130 between San Antonio and Austin, TX.

And the test(s) itself cannot exceed 1200 seconds (20 minutes).

And the tests MUST be able to be performed and completed by cars as low as 70 HP (Smart fortwo) all the way up to Bugatti Veyron (987 HP).

(I left out the 47 HP Smart fortwo electric, which also has to pass the test to get the window sticker.)

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