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Leaf EV sales market is expanding

For a long time the big problem for Nissan and many electric vehicle makers was the fact that electric vehicles simply weren't popular due to high pricing, range anxiety or any variety of other reasons. Nissan is now fighting the opposite problem with demand surging in new markets without the inventory to satisfy interested consumers.

Nissan director of electric vehicle sales Erik Gottfried says that he recently flew to Texas to meet with dealers that are clamoring for more Leaf electric vehicles.

"They really want more Leafs in Dallas," Gottfried says. "I assured them that we're doing everything we can to get them more inventory. But it's taking some time. It will be late fall before we can produce enough to satisfy everybody."

Nissan is now selling approximately 2,000 Leaf electric vehicles each month which is about four times the volume it was selling about a year ago. To meet this new demand, Nissan is slowly ramping up production of the Leaf at its manufacturing facility in Tennessee.

"We're going to be short on inventory all through the summer," Gottfried says he has been telling dealers. "

Since its introduction, the Leaf has been most popular on the West Coast in areas such as San Francisco and Seattle. However, the market has expanded sales are exploding in St. Louis, Atlanta, Chicago, and Raleigh. Atlanta is now the third-largest market for the Leaf electric vehicle and had only nine days of supply in June.

A year ago, California made up 37% of Leaf cells. Now, the state only accounts for 27% of sales due to significant growth in other markets.
Nissan credits its price cut of about $6,000 earlier this year for the increased sales.

Source: Autonews

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RE: Smells like artificial shortages
By Mint on 7/16/2013 9:43:40 PM , Rating: 2
I was just being conservative. 10% is over 100,000 per month, so there's a while to go before that :)

I think EVs with cheap range extenders are the future. Keep elelctric range at ~60-100 miles, and add a cheap 30 HP engine/generator for the 5-10% of miles that need it. 300 mile battery packs are a waste.

RE: Smells like artificial shortages
By Spuke on 7/17/2013 12:17:59 PM , Rating: 2
300 mile battery packs are a waste.
LOL! Some of you guys really are a$$holes. If you look at EV SALES, they're still pitiful compared to regular vehicles. Why is that? Could it be the range? I know for me it is. That's why I said 300 miles. 300 miles under the previously stated conditions would make for a car that COULD function as a daily driver capable of doing most of what I need to do. And I'm not interested in a "range extender". Those are already available (you know they're called HYBRIDS). I want a do-90%-of-everything I need car that requires NO GAS . Isn't that the whole point of EV's?

RE: Smells like artificial shortages
By Mint on 7/17/2013 4:23:52 PM , Rating: 2
If you look at EV SALES, they're still pitiful compared to regular vehicles. Why is that? Could it be the range?
What does that have to do with my generator argument? The only EREV right now is the Volt, and it costs WAY more than a Leaf.

The upcoming BMW i3 is said to charge only $2000 for the generator option. Add that to a Leaf, and you have a car that has 90% of the benefits of a full EV, none of the drawbacks, and a $30k price before subsidy.

No plugin hybrid is close to that price today.
I want a do-90%-of-everything I need car that requires NO GAS . Isn't that the whole point of EV's?
How is that better than a do- 100% -of-everything car that uses 10% gas?

If 100 mile range can handle 85%+ of your driving, how do you justify paying for an additional 200 miles of range for just that last <15% of say 2k miles a year? Even if batteries go down to just $200/kWh, that's $10k extra to save 50 gallons a year.

Pure EVs with huge batteries have a nice image, and may be needed for performance EVs, but they're a highly wasteful solution. For the mass market, PHEV/EREV is the way to go.

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