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Google's Chromebook, however, manages to stay on top of its game

Sources: Gartner, IDC, Bloomberg

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RE: Docks docks docks
By mjv.theory on 7/11/2013 7:30:20 PM , Rating: 2
the is where the money is

Perhaps so, and I attempted to allude to this by mentioning the "market for profits". However, recent news articles have highlighted the growth of "no-name" Chinese brands that point to gaining at least 40% of the world market, by volume or turnover?, I don't know. Regardless, as with PCs, the "brand" name becomes less important as the technology becomes ubiquitous, and subsequently, the capabilities and price move toward the volume market.

Apple's, and Intel's, success with profit margins, are disproportionate to the level of "innovation". Apple in particular have succeeded by a combination of supply chain "management" and marketing. Their strengths have been around integration and optimisation and early to market, rather than any real technological innovation as such. Intel's success too is grounded on marketing and market management (i.e. use your position to control competition).

The huge growth of mobile devices based on similar tech and straightforward integration of components, renders the computing market, at best uncertain, and more importantly, on a continuing trend toward the cheapest "good enough" computing solution. Such an outcome may not sit well readers of this site/forums, but is nevertheless inevitable.

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