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Shakeup will consolidate previously separate units, reportedly

A report by Bloomberg cites sources at Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) as saying that Chief Executive Steve Ballmer's leadership change will start be consolidating all of Microsoft's hardware products -- including Surface and Xbox -- under a single new unit, which would be headed by Windows chief Julie Larson-Green.

The Xbox unit (formally the interactive entertainment division) had been left leaderless after Don Mattrick, its former chief, jumped ship to become CEO of Zynga Inc. (ZNGA).  Some reports suggested Mr. Mattrick was fired for making comments about digital rights management (DRM) and the Xbox One.  In an interview Mr. Mattrick had told gamers who didn't have 100 percent reliable internet to not buy an Xbox One, a suggestion many disgruntled gamers took to heart.  Microsoft eventually backed down from that policy.

Microsoft's CIO Tony Scott also recently bailed, prior to the upcoming shakeup.

It is unclear whether Mr. Ballmer would then appoint a new Windows President, or if Ms. Larson-Green would fill both slots.  One source says that Terry Myerson -- the current Windows Phone chief -- will likely be put in charge of all operating system development, including desktop Windows.  That move would likely mean a continuation of Microsoft's "Metro" (aka Modern UI) assault on the desktop/laptop market, much to the chagrin of critics of that design direction.

Terry Myerson
Windows Phone chief Terry Myerson will report lead all OS development at Microsoft.
[Image Source: Reuters]

Marketing for various units (Windows, server, hardware, etc.) would also be consolidated into a single unit, which would be headed by Tami Reller, who currently is marketing chief for just the Windows unit.  Another shift from a financial perspective would be that the chief financial officers (CFOs) of the new units would report directly to company CFO -- Amy Hood -- versus the current situation the CFOs the present units report to their unit chief.

Julie Larson-Green
Julie Larson-Green will reportedly manage all Microsoft HW development. [Image Source: AP]

A final new unit would be tasked with managing acquired/merged-in businesses and with wooing developers.  That unit will be headed by Skype president Tony Bates.

Sources say the exact roles are still being finalized and may be shuffled before an official announcement comes.  Overall the changes are designed to reposition Microsoft as a "devices and services" firm, Microsoft's long term vision.  The shift towards first party hardware and cloud services would make Microsoft look a lot more like Apple, Inc. (AAPL), a radical shift for a company that started off with a narrow focus on software.

Source: Bloomberg

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Hopefully, this account with any luck, will be banned as well.

RE: the hate here
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RE: the hate here
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Lol he was? How did I miss that!?

RE: the hate here
By Cheesew1z69 on 7/3/2013 8:56:16 PM , Rating: 1
I believe so, he is posting under a new account so I would assume he was :)

And it's funny, because all it took was one post of his to show it was him, he is the ONLY one who uses "oldfag"... and then his response to me, sealed it. No doubt it's him.

RE: the hate here
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I wonder if he'll regret all the time he wasted in his life posting all the crap, all the hate here on DT, when he lies on his deathbed...

What a waste.

RE: the hate here
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No way, he'll think "i sure pwned those oldfags!"

RE: the hate here
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lolz. oldfags ftw!

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They need to board-up 4Chan so the freaks can't get out and bother the rest of the internet.

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