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Data from over 3 million users helped build picture of local brainpower

San Francisco-based indie edutainment internet software company Lumosity has a bonafide hit, with its cognitive training app.  Consisting of over 40 games, the online portal is supposed to boost your memory and problem solving skills, similar to Nintendo Comp., Ltd.'s (TYO:7974) Brain Age for the Nintendo DS.

With over 3 million users, the site decided to offer up an interesting data mining analysis, determining which cities in America have the "smartest" citizens (as assessed by puzzle solving and memory skills).

It appears that Iowa and Indiana are among the most mentally endowed states.  More specifically, the top 10 cities are:
  1. Ithaca, N.Y.
  2. State College, Penn.
  3. Lafayette-West Lafayette, Ind.
  4. Iowa City, Iowa
  5. Ames, Iowa
  6. Ann Arbor, Mich.
  7. Bloomington, Ind.
  8. Madison, Wisc.
  9. Lawrence, Kans.
  10. Pullman, Wash.
Seattle (90) and San Francisco (114) both scored relatively well.

Washington D.C. (154), Portland (155) and Chicago (188) scored in the middle.

Red = not so smart; Green = smart [click to enlarge] [Image Source: Lumosity]

In the worst category, Texas and North Carolina get hit particularly hard.  The lowest ranking cities include:
  1. Wilson, N.C.
  2. El Paso, Tex.
  3. Talladega-Sylacauga, Alab.
  4. Albany, Geor.
  5. Brownsville-Harlingen, Tex.
  6. Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach, Flor.
  7. El Centro, Calif.
  8. Kinston, N.C.
  9. Laredo, Tex.
  10. Lumberton, N.C.
Los Angeles (309) and New York City (382) (which was lumped with Newark/Jersey City) were among the worst scoring large cities.

Lumosity has an interactive map of its results here, and a full white paper on the study here [PDF].

Sources: Lumosity [map], [white paper; PDF]

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RE: Is it funny or is it just wrong?
By Schadenfroh on 7/2/2013 5:49:59 PM , Rating: 5
It is not surprising, blacks and Hispanics tend to lag behind their Asian and European peers when it comes to academics due to a variety of socio-economic factors. In all but one, non-Hispanic Whites / Asians (when combined) are a minority.

Based on the demographics on wikipedia:
Wilson, NC: 48% black, 7% Hispanic
El Paso, Tex: 3% black, 87% Hispanic
Talladega-Sylacauga, Alab: 31% black, 1% Hispanic (non-Hispanic white majority)
Albany, GA: 72% black, 2% Hispanic
Brownsville-Harlingen, Tex: 1% black, 73% Hispanic (Based on Harlingen)
Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach, Flor: 21% black, 42% Hispanic (Miami Metro Area)
El Centro, Calif: 3% Black, 82% Hispanic
Kinston, N.C: 63% black, unknown Hispanic
Laredo, Tex: 0% black, 96% Hispanic
Lumberton, N.C: Around 29% non-Hispanic White, 38% Native American, 25% Black

Note that Hispanics of any race were the source of most of the Hispanic statistics, so there might be some overlap given black Hispanics.

By Torched on 7/3/2013 9:28:26 PM , Rating: 2
This is probably the most important statistic we can get from this data. I'm white. I live in the Miami-Dade metro area and I'm the minority. Many people will just look at the map and make a generalization based on the location.

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