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New Surface Pro model coming next week

When it comes to Microsoft's Surface and Surface Pro tablets, the Redmond, Washington-based company hasn't exactly had a hit on its hands. One might say that a lack of storage space isn't the primary reason for consumer's apprehension of Surface, but that isn't stopping Microsoft from making available an even more expensive version for the U.S. market.
According to Windows Phone Central, the 256GB Microsoft Surface Pro that made its way to Japan in late May will wind up on our shores next week. The price of entry for the new model is a hefty $1,199 at CDW.

According to Windows Phone Central, the increase in storage capacity is the only change this time around, so those hoping to score a Surface Pro with Haswell power will have to wait until a refresh comes along.

Source: Windows Phone Central

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RE: no thanks
By chizow on 7/1/2013 4:11:03 PM , Rating: 1
My requirements are similar, although I mainly want half the thickness, better battery life, included typepad for $600-700.

RE: no thanks
By drumsticks on 7/1/2013 5:15:22 PM , Rating: 2
ROFL. You're kidding right? There is literally not a single ultrabook on the market that would fulfill those requirements. That's unbelievably impossible.

Intel CPU = 300$ +
1080P display let alone retina ~ 75$
256GB SSD = 200$ average
4GB Ram = 30$ minimum
Chipset ~100$
Battery ~50-100$ (probably 100$)

Of course they get discounts for buying bulk, but I haven't even STARTED on the chassis etc. and you're at 800$ish. You're asking for something that not even the lowest possible margins (zero) could give. 1200$ for this would be a decent price for it, if they bundled it with a type cover, and even then being 100$ off isn't *that* bad.

The surface pro shouldn't be any less than a thousand dollars for the power it brings. It's a full on ultrabook, there's no other real comparison, unless you want to consider the ipad that performs at less than 50% of the performance (much so?) for half+ the cost. Not to mention a 64GB ipad is probably 600$ while a 1200$ surface pro is 256gb, and you're comparing EMMC to a full blown SSD.

The price is fine. Surface Pro isn't competing with the ipad, it's competing with the MBA, which has no IPS panel by the way, and loses out on resolution. It will be updated to Haswell with windows 8.1 - for now MSFT just needs to clear stock.

RE: no thanks
By TheJian on 7/3/2013 5:23:06 AM , Rating: 2
The problem is the $400 to intel and of course the expensive OS.

Cut Intel/MS out and put in android/SOC and they get reasonable again. Android is FREE, and a SOC goes for $20-30.

It is only reasonable if you like MS and Intel taking you to the cleaners when other options are readily available for the kind of crap this thing is suppose to do :) You won't be doing major work on screens like this etc.

Ultrabooks are just as ridiculous. Which is why those don't sell either. Look at Intel's quarterly reports and even their own words in their conference calls. "er, um, I guess ULTRA expensive Ultra light crap doesn't sell as well as we thought"...LOL. Well, duh, not against FAR cheaper toys that do most people's stuff just fine. Anything under 13in to me is a toy, and I'd even say those are too. I wouldn't design content on anything under 17in, and even that would be extremely painful and only until I could get a back to a desktop ASAP with a 24in etc and more power.

4GB is not $30 when buying millions. 256GB SSD's are not $200 either even singles.
sandisk 256, $160. In millions? Probably $130.

At this $1200 price, I can pick up a totally LOADED 17in from HP etc that I can actually GAME or work on with NV650m, i7, 2 drives, 8-16GB of main memory etc. These are a tough sell to all but a few NICHE people that need the word ULTRA in the same sentence with their purchase :)
Sales now projected DOWN 1%, vs UP for android tablets expected to be 50% of the market this year...LOL. Nobody cares about windows in this format (basically tablet+keyboards, HP etc selling T4 based models like this for $500, Toshiba/Asus too). You don't work on these (though they're pitching them for that, it won't be done). They've only sold 400K of surface pro (march) and only expected another 600K this Q (I think that's both rt and pro though)...That's a failure vs. others. You going to load up Adobe CS6 suite on this thing with 4GB? Heck no, I want an i7, 16GB and HUGE storage for that to get real work done, not to mention GPU acceleration on top! This thing is a GPU dog and will never get faster. You're better off with a REAL laptop with some actual power if you want to WORK. These are less useful than a REAL ultrabook which I already have issues with :)

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