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Thankfully, the pilot won't be playing Angry Birds, or so we hope...  (Source: JetBlue)
JetBlue pilots will use iPads for three key activities

We reported on Monday that iPads are now in use in every single American Airlines cockpit. The airline deployed 8,000 iPads that will save 400,000 gallons of fuel and $1.2 million in fuel costs each year.
Not to be left out, JetBlue announced today on their blog that its pilots would also be using iPads in the cockpit. However, JetBlue assures passengers that, "[The pilots] won’t be playing Angry Birds in the cockpit, but the cool technology they’ll be able to see before and during a flight will help them be even better pilots."
The iPads will replace both paper manuals and heavy laptops and as with American Airlines, greater fuel savings will be achieved by using the lighter tablets.
According to the BlueTales blog, pilots will use the iPads to scan real-time weather updates, pre-flight planning, and to peruse digital airport and aircraft charts.

Source: JetBlue

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Some simple iPad savings
By Azethoth on 6/26/2013 7:18:36 PM , Rating: 2
By using an app to do various calculations based on passengers + cargo weight vs altitude, speed and expected conditions, you can instantly eliminate various crash scenarios that featured bad calculations.

For instance, "we have 150 soldiers on board weighing 200 pounds each including their luggage, therefore we can take off safely". Er no, you in fact crashed killing everyone because mild icing + the huge underestimate pushed you over the limit. An app could actually have some sanity checks built in or use statistics etc to get realistic weights. One can even imagine it getting realtime updates for the local or flight path weather factors.

iPad good, pilot with pencil and paper bad.

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