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The ACB's decision not to classify "Saints Row 4" marks the first time this has happened since the new R18+ rating was released

Australian gamers, if you were looking forward to "Saints Row 4" coming out later this summer, you may now have to wait a bit longer.

The Australian Classification Board (ACB) refused classification of "Saints Row 4," which means that it cannot be sold in Australia's retail stores (it's even illegal to own the title in certain parts of the country). According to the board, the new game has unnecessary sexual undertones and sends the wrong message about drug use. 

“In the Board’s opinion, Saints Row IV, includes interactive, visual depictions of implied sexual violence which are not justified by context," said ACB. “In addition, the game includes elements of illicit or proscribed drug use related to incentives or rewards. Such depictions are prohibited by the computer games guidelines.”

Volition, "Saints Row 4's" developer, said it will create a special version of the game just for Australia. This new version will cut out the sex and drug use, as part of the ACB's recommendations. 

"Saints Row 4" was due to be released on August 22 in Australia, but there's no word on when the new version will be complete and whether it'll still make that deadline. 

"Saints Row 4" is an action-adventure, open-world video game that takes place five years after "Saints Row: The Third." The Saints are kidnapped and placed in a virtual simulation after an alien invasion occurs, and the Zin Empire must be destroyed. 

In January of this year, new classification guidelines were released to include an R18+ category. This particular option means no one under 18 years of age can purchase the game. 

The ACB's decision not to classify "Saints Row 4" marks the first time this has happened since the new rating was released. 

While the new category means that racier content can pass with a classification for adults only, the ACB feels that this doesn't mean anything will pass

"Saints Row 4" will still be available in the U.S. on August 20 and in Europe on August 23. It will be released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC (Windows). 

Source: The Guardian

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RE: Umm...
By Scoot2000 on 6/25/2013 11:59:55 PM , Rating: 2
Your post is full of rubbish you've heard from the NRA or other gun advocates. If you want to see some discussion of this, here's a link.

If you're interested in the real situation, it's more complex.
I would like to note two things though.

Crime in Australia as a whole is not worse. There have been no massacres in the last 17 years and the 17 before 1996 had several. None of this can definitely be attributed to gun control. There are all sorts of issues to consider like other changes in society and how crime is reported. It's unlikely to be considered rationally in much U.S. debate in any case because it's so politicized. Anybody claiming that gun control doesn't work based on the Australian example is hard to comprehend though. At best, you could argue that it's hard to prove a positive impact. Then again, Australia had no gun problems in comparison to the U.S. to begin with.

The U.S. has a serious problem with gun crime. Which empirical evidence do you want to see, take a pick?
The most telling, the most need of addressing I would think, is the intentional homicide rate in comparison to other developed countries. 4.8 times higher than Australia. 8 times higher than Germany. 12 times higher than Japan (
Yes, this is for the most part firearm deaths ( about 75% of them in the U.S. In Australia, it's about 13%.
Let's consider why this might be:
Gun ownership could be part of it, but look at the rate of ownership in places like France and Finland. They own a lot of guns but maybe they have some better controls.

There might be some sane argument against blaming this on gun availability and lack of control in relation to other OECD countries. If there is, this other difference needs to be identified and corrected because the United States is far, far worse in this measurement.

RE: Umm...
By Reclaimer77 on 6/26/2013 3:25:46 AM , Rating: 2
I got all my figures from the Australian Government itself, NOT the NRA. Nice try though.

You know for the record, I don't really care what Australia does with their guns. I'm just tired of seeing it brought up in that holier-than-thou tone of voice.

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