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Lenovo Game World to offer video games and social connectivity

The computer industry overall is on the decline as more and more people move to tablets and smartphones instead of upgrading their computers. This has led many computer makers to consider stepping into the smartphone market where profits [for now] are better. Lenovo is a major player in the world computer industry and is also one of the companies considering a smartphone push in the U.S.
Lenovo is now ready to try a different tactic in China in an effort to challenge Samsung in the mobile phone industry. The company announced that it would launch a service called Lenovo Game World that will include social networking features, software reviews, and gameplay tips. Lenovo Game World will launch in Q3 and will be a place where gamers can download popular titles such as Fruit Ninja for Lenovo's own smartphones, such as the K900, and other devices.

Lenovo hopes to leverage the new Game World to help sell more smartphones. Lenovo is also looking to make serious money from selling video games since mobile gaming is growing significantly. Overall sales in the mobile gaming industry are expected to hit $1.6 billion this year and then increase by about 50% annually for the next three years.

Lenovo plans to set its Game World apart from competing gaming services by providing features such as global leader boards.

“A mobile platform for entertainment is becoming more and more important in today’s handset industry,” said Ricky Lai, an analyst at Guotai Junan International Holdings Ltd. in Hong Kong. “The more fans Lenovo can get on their own platform, the more customers will want to use that kind of handset.”
In recent news, Lenovo now has some of its PC operations in place in North Carolina having launched its first manufacturing line for PCs in the U.S. earlier this month. Lenovo also reported solid fiscal Q4 financials back in May, despite sagging PC sales overall. 

Source: Bloomberg

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Ugh... Lenovo Game world?
By retrospooty on 6/25/2013 10:57:31 AM , Rating: 3
I like Lenovo, and would trust the quality more than any other brand based on thier PC and laptops... I am a gamer and a total tech whore. I would gladly buy any Lenovo product that suited my needs, but I would never see myself signing up for a manufacturers gaming service. I just cant see this taking off.

As for hardware, I am looking forward to high end Lenovo phones coming to the US next year.

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