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Backup camera regulations delayed again

The Obama administration announced this week that it is delaying rules that would mandate backup cameras for all new automobiles. The new delays will put off any regulations for backup cameras for another 18 months. The move will undoubtedly upset safety advocates who have been pushing for all new vehicles to come with backup cameras to increase safety.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood sent letters to Congress yesterday noting that finalized requirements aren't expected until as late as January of 2015. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration does plan to encourage automakers to install the cameras anyway before they are mandated to do so.

The recent delay marks the fifth time mandates have been pushed back and is considered a victory for automakers that have fought to prevent the mandate claiming that it's too expensive.

[Image Source: Car and Driver]

“It’s not going to get done before I leave. I’m leaving a week from Friday,” LaHood said in a Detroit News interview on Thursday. “This is an expensive rule and we just have to figure out ways to bring down the costs.”

In a letter to Congress, LaHood said, “This rulemaking is important to the department due to its focus on enhancing the safety of our children.”

Initially, the regulations requiring backup cameras were expected to be fully implemented by September 2014. Automotive manufacturers have resisted legislation because it will cost the automotive industry between $1.9 billion and $2.7 billion annually.
Backup cameras are available on many vehicles sold today as an option (some newer models -- like the new Honda CR-V and Accord -- include the feature standard).

Source: Detroit News

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RE: Good
By TSS on 6/21/2013 10:58:44 AM , Rating: 0
Of course the usefullness is up for debate. Otherwise would you like to get rid of government regulations on seatbelts and airbags too? Some people are just too stupid for their own good so they have to be protected from themselves.

So is this thing usefull? No it has no perphipial vision. Turning your head and looking behind you is far better as you can keep multiple directions of approach in your line of sight. Since no lives will be saved, especially not when you consider stupid people will find a way to kill somebody else because of this so it'll cause a few deaths as well, government intrusion is not required not desirable as the general welfare of the people is already guarranteed as best as possible.

Plus any kid that gets run over because he ran behind a moving car deserves to die. I'm sorry but as a kid my mom told me if i'd get hit by a car i'd better die or otherwise she'd kill me. Something to do with cars being expensive. That and we had enough intelligence ourselves not to play behind a operational car. You hear an engine you stop playing untill it passes. Aside from the adults who'd always check behind the car before they'd go. Common sense, i know, fuck me right?

In the end though there's 1 arguement i can think up why this might be a good thing: Fat people.

Think about it. Why would you need a backup camera when turning your head is more efficient? Because somebody cannot turn their head. Who in general cannot turn their head? Obese people who are so fat it blocks either their ability to turn their neck or their view outright.

Since obese people are less likely to walk somewhere then to drive somewhere (including indoors) and they're not the brightest pickle in the jar because they wouldn't be so frickin fat otherwise, I'd prefer the camera to "screw it". What other reason would there be to mandate a camera the govenrment cannot acces to such a large group of people?

RE: Good
By BRB29 on 6/21/2013 11:12:13 AM , Rating: 3
i understand you think EU got everything perfect. This is about US laws. Please don't comment on a society you know nothing about.

RE: Good
By maugrimtr on 6/24/2013 8:36:07 AM , Rating: 3
Plus any kid that gets run over because he ran behind a moving car deserves to die.

Good to know that you're a heartless bastard without children. If you have kids, I truly hope God is merciful to them.

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