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Mars had materials rich in oxygen about 4 billion years ago

A new study suggests that Mars had an oxygen-rich environment long ago -- even before Earth. 

Oxford University researchers, led by Professor Bernard Wood of Oxford University's Department of Earth Sciences, compared meteorites and surface rocks before coming to this conclusion. 

The team studied meteorites from Mars and rocks found by NASA's Spirit rover on Mars' surface. They found that the surface rocks were five times richer in nickel than the meteorites. 

They believe this is the case because of subduction, where material is recycled into the planet's interior. The study says that Mars' surface was oxidized long ago, and through subduction, materials rich in oxygen went into the planet's interior and were recycled back to the surface about 4000 million years ago. Earth didn't experience a rise in atmospheric oxygen until 2500 million years ago. 

The meteorites, though, are younger rocks that came from deep within the red planet. Hence, they are unphased by this subduction. 

"What we have shown is that both meteorites and surface volcanic rocks are consistent with similar origins in the deep interior of Mars but that the surface rocks come from a more oxygen-rich environment, probably caused by recycling of oxygen-rich materials into the interior," said Wood. "This result is surprising because while the meteorites are geologically 'young', around 180 million to 1400 million years old, the Spirit rover was analysing a very old part of Mars, more than 3700 million years old."

Spirit, a golf cart-sized, solar-powered robot geologist that was sent to Mars in 2004, spent six long years traveling the Martian surface. But after enduring many harsh winters on Mars, Spirit finally fell silent in 2010, and was removed from the mission in mid-2011. 

NASA has been relying on rover Curiosity to dig up new info on the red planet now. It landed on Mars in August 2012, and has found rock samples that suggest life on Mars and questionable radiation levels that could determine human travel to Mars. 

Source: Science Daily

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Clueless science
By Shadowmaster625 on 6/21/2013 10:04:45 AM , Rating: 2
Our planet has an atmosphere because it is constantly venting atmospheric gases from the mid ocean rifts. This outgassing is extremely massive in content, it has to be in order to maintain an atmosphere. Every planet with an atmosphere features massive outgassing at tectonic rifts. This is actually where all our salt comes from.

The gasses are mainly ammonia, hydrogen chloride, and various oxides. They undergo a simple chemical reaction that leaves us with massive amounts of nitrogen and oxygen in the air, and sodium chloride on the ground, as well as water of course. That is how we have so much ocean salt, it is the absolutely only way we can possibly have so much ocean salt. If you remove all the salt from all the seas, it would be enough salt to cover all the earth's land mass in 400 feet of salt.) It is absolutely NOT possible to have that much ocean salt due to erosion, and it is really stupid that people believe that nonsense.

The earth's molten magnetic core is somehow responsible for the production of all these gasses. The mechanism is not as well understood as it should be because of the stupid idiotic rigidity of the stupid idiotic earth-is-flat mentality of mainstream science. So much dogma has to be thrown out the window in order to accept this, but it clearly must be done because we cannot just accept bullcrap explanations forever (ie pangea was a giant blue eyeball with a little brown iris when viewed from space, I mean come on thats just plainly absurd).

At any rate, Mar's core stopped producing these gasses so its atmosphere dissipated.

"The Space Elevator will be built about 50 years after everyone stops laughing" -- Sir Arthur C. Clarke

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