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A4WP gains support from an industry giant

It's not at all uncommon in the technology world for multiple organizations to be competing to become the standard for new technology. This went on in the past with the battle between Blu-ray and HD DVD among others. A new battle is brewing when it comes to wireless power with multiple organizations vying to be the standard.

The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) and has added a big name to its list of supporters: Intel. “In joining A4WP, we look forward to working alongside other member companies and contributing to standards that help fuel an ecosystem of innovative solutions capable of simultaneously charging a range of devices, from low-power accessoriesto smartphones, tablets and Ultrabooks," said Navin Shenoy, Intel vice president, PC client group and general manager, mobile client platform division.

The Alliance for Wireless Power has a goal of creating a "flexible wireless power" specification wireless charging that will become an industry standard.

A4WP claims to have 50 members including some major companies in the technology realm including Broadcom, Delphi, LG Electronics, and SanDisk. The technology the company is supporting uses near field magnetic resonance charging allowing charging using a loose coupling of electromagnetic fields. The technology that A4WP is backing will allow multiple devices to be placed on a single charging pad at the same time with no need to fiddle with wires.

Competitors vying to become the industry standard for wireless charging include the Wireless Power Consortium and the Power Matters Alliance. The Wireless Power Consortium is backing technology that is already available on the market called Qi and is being used by Nokia, Samsung, and LG. The specification being pushed by the Power Matters Alliance is called Power 2.0. One of the biggest backers for the Power 2.0 standard is battery giant Duracell. The battery maker is backing Power 2.0 with its subsidiary, Powermat Technologies..

A4WP Chairman Kamil Grajski said his group aims to "[Remain] above the fray of the squabble that has broken out between first-generation players WPC and PMA" and "Has kept its eye on the next generation of [wireless charging] technologies and enhanced user experience through wireless charging spatial freedom."

Sources: Computerworld, Alliance for Wireless Power [PDF]

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RE: Lazy!
By chripuck on 6/20/2013 12:33:37 PM , Rating: 3
Your entire argument relies on induction being the only possible way to provide wireless power. Granted we have nothing legitimate on the horizon now and all current form of wireless chargers utilize induction, but that doesn't mean something can't/won't be invented/discovered in the future that changes that.

Water molecules encapsulated by carbon nanotubes that convert the heat generated from microwaves (which can be highly directional) into energy. That is complete BS and has a myriad of issues that I can't even think of (nevermind cooking everything between the device and the transmitter, water in the air etc.) but the point is that we will find a way, eventually.

RE: Lazy!
By tigz1218 on 6/20/2013 12:38:04 PM , Rating: 2
Thank you! Wish I can rate you up, but I've already commented.

RE: Lazy!
By Motoman on 6/20/2013 12:40:51 PM , Rating: 1
OK, then you go off and start working on something different than field induction then.

But you're obviously talking about doing something *completely* different that bears no resemblance to *this* topic, and therefore isn't relevant to *this* discussion.

I would LOVE to see some kind of lossless, long-distance, contactless energy transfer method. It would be awesome, and would revolutionize society worldwide.

But this isn't it.

RE: Lazy!
By tigz1218 on 6/20/2013 12:46:21 PM , Rating: 2
Which brings us back to my original point. That the technology has to start somewhere. You can't expect to have the end all be all wireless generator without going through the infancy phases first.

RE: Lazy!
By Motoman on 6/20/2013 12:52:27 PM , Rating: 2
You're talking about something completely different. Like, ocean-wave generators instead of a coal power plant.

Building coal power plants doesn't help you develop ocean-wave generators.

And there's nothing new about field induction. We've understood it well for a long time. It's not like this is some amazing new discovery.

"Young lady, in this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics!" -- Homer Simpson

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