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  (Source: Defense Ministry of Pakistan)
Obama has defended the use of drone killings to protect "security"; Snowden does livestream Q&A

Given that the Obama administration and its Republican "frienemies" have accused U.S. National Security Administration (NSA) leaker Edward Snowden of "Act(s) of Treason" for revealing U.S. efforts to spy on foreigners (PRISM) and track the locations/call records of 99 percent of Americans (FISA court orders), some wonder how far the nation will go to silence further leaks.

I. Democrats, Republicans: Snowden is "Traitor", Risk to "National Security"

Both parties seem relatively united in condemning Mr. Snowden as a "traitor" to his country for leaking the details on the government's efforts to erode citizens' Constitutional freedom to live their lives in privacy -- even as civil liberties groups call him a patriot.

Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) states, "What Edward Snowden did amounts to an Act of Treason."

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), reiterates, "I don't look at this as being a whistle-blower, I think it's an act of treason.  He took an oath - that oath is important. He violated the oath, he violated the law. It's an act of treason in my view."

Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio) told Good Morning America, "He's a traitor."

Rep. Peter Kin
Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) and others suggest Snowden is a national security threat and must be silenced. [Image Source: CNN]

And U.S. Rep. Peter T. King (R-New York) comments, "I think action should be taken, especially on something of this magnitude.  I think something on this magnitude..  compromises national security."

II. Obama Administration: Drone Deaths Strikes OK to Protect National Security

The U.S. may have a difficult time extricating Mr. Snowden given that he's holed up at a safe house in a secret location in Hong Kong, China.  And given that some of his leaks reveal details of programs the U.S. used to spy on China, Chinese officials are reportedly hesitant to hunt him down.

The Obama Administration's Attorney General (AG) Eric Holder and President Obama have already endorsed the use of drone death strikes to kill Americans in "extreme" cases where "national security" is threatened.  Given the harsh rhetoric from both Congressional Democrats and Republicans (and the White House) some fear that Mr. Snowden could soon be targeted by such a strike, if his location is determined.

Predator missile
Some top officials believe the U.S. may use a drone death strike on Snowden.
[Image Source: Drone Wars UK]

Mr. Snowden appears to be still alive and well -- he is doing a live-stream Q&A today at 11 a.m. EST.

III. Rep. Paul Warns of Death Strike Possibility

Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), who is among the few in Congress to condemn the spying and praised Mr. Snowden's whistleblowing, voiced this concern telling Fox Business News, "I’m worried about somebody in our government might kill him with a cruise missile or a drone missile.  I mean we live in a bad time where American citizens don’t even have rights and that they can be killed, but the gentlemen is trying to tell the truth about what’s going on."

Ron Paul debates Obama
Ron Paul says that the spying was "certainly not patriotic" and was a victory for terrorists.
[Image Source: AP]

Rep. Paul has sounded the alarm in recent years about what he views as growing collusion between the Republican and Democratic parties to funnel money to special interests, build a military complex, and strip Americans of their Constitutional freedoms.

He stated during the 2012 election, "Democracy isn't all that healthy in this country because if you're in a third party... you don't get in the debates... And if you ever come to the conclusion -- heaven forbid -- that the two parties aren't all that different, then what is left really?"

Sources: Ron Paul [on Fox News], Guardian [Snowden Q&A]

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RE: As usual
By othercents on 6/17/2013 11:44:44 AM , Rating: 2
Unless he sent sensitive files to an enemy nation/terrorist organization, he cannot be tried for treason, considered a traitor, or a terrorist. The most they can do is call him a defector.

I guess you forget one thing. They never tried anyone in the court of law before performing a drone strike. However they would perform a drone strike in China especially since we are not at war with that country, nor have any basis for performing a strike on their soil.

RE: As usual
By BRB29 on 6/17/13, Rating: -1
RE: As usual
By lagomorpha on 6/17/2013 12:02:16 PM , Rating: 2
Read the rest of his sentence, it sounds like he accidentally forgot the word "not".

And yeah, a drone strike doesn't make sense as long as he's in China. Though an "accident" or "sudden heart failure" or even "polonium poisoning" wouldn't surprise me at this point.

RE: As usual
By BRB29 on 6/17/13, Rating: -1
RE: As usual
By wookie1 on 6/17/2013 1:10:07 PM , Rating: 3
"What I don't understand is why people think the US will just take out people. "

After the US just takes out people right and left in Pakistan, Yemen, etc, it becomes easy to understand why people think that the US will just take out people. A report was released showing that the gov't doesn't really know anything about 25% of the people it kills in drone strikes. They haven't been determined to be terrorists, no affiliation is known.

RE: As usual
By Skywalker123 on 6/18/2013 9:59:17 AM , Rating: 1
You really are stupid.

RE: As usual
By MrBlastman on 6/18/13, Rating: 0
RE: As usual
By Lord 666 on 6/17/2013 12:03:58 PM , Rating: 3
Agreed, never would happen. It would be considered an act of war on HK/China.

Hoping that somewhere in Hawaii, Snowden finally found proof Obama was not really born there.

RE: As usual
By Crazylocha on 6/17/2013 1:31:58 PM , Rating: 2
Agree Lord.

Easier to monitor and find where he stashed the data. Then a van suddenly pulls up to where he was walking down the sidewalk and ....

Kinda like what he was doing while stationed in Germany?

RE: As usual
By BSMonitor on 6/18/2013 10:33:41 AM , Rating: 2
LMAO, right, because the people in the new testament knew nothing of Hawaii when they dreamed up the anti-Christ crap... Everyone knows that people from Hawaii are too "chill" to be the anti-Christ.

RE: As usual
By wookie1 on 6/17/2013 1:06:53 PM , Rating: 3
You're a terrorist if the prez says you're a terrorist. Their "procedures" about how they would determine who to target is a closely guarded secret, and of course could be changed at any time at the whim of who is in charge.

RE: As usual
By BRB29 on 6/17/13, Rating: 0
RE: As usual
By BSMonitor on 6/18/2013 10:36:08 AM , Rating: 2
Not to mention the 600 members of Congress who are also informed before any drone strike. And the joint chiefs who must carry out the orders..

But thanks, wookie1, Special Fox News Correspondent for that edited version of reality.

RE: As usual
By BRB29 on 6/18/2013 12:09:46 PM , Rating: 2
people here have a distorted sense of reality

RE: As usual
By Skywalker123 on 6/18/2013 10:04:29 AM , Rating: 1
All that has to be done is Obama to give his OK. How would we know different? Your naivete is amazing, or are you pretending to be stupid?

RE: As usual
By BSMonitor on 6/18/2013 10:38:00 AM , Rating: 2
And inform the 600 members of Congress who have to approve it.. The joint Chiefs who have to execute the order..

But right, just the President's whim..

LMAO at stupidity.

RE: As usual
By MrBlastman on 6/18/2013 12:16:05 PM , Rating: 1
Sooo Congress authorized Vince Foster?

Stop living in fantasyland. Your tripe is getting really old.

RE: As usual
By BRB29 on 6/18/2013 12:36:36 PM , Rating: 2
There's a board to determine these things. It's not up to the President. The only power the President have is to approve the strikes. He does not get to say who gets the strikes.

RE: As usual
By MrBlastman on 6/18/2013 12:43:28 PM , Rating: 2
"If you scratch my back... I'll scratch yours."

That's how things really work in Washington right now (and many other places). Due process was tossed out the window quite a while ago. It is idealistic to think anything hasn't changed.

"My sex life is pretty good" -- Steve Jobs' random musings during the 2010 D8 conference

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