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It's only for the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf

Bosch is giving electric vehicle (EV) drivers a wireless charging option, and even new financing plans to help them afford it. 

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions teamed up with Evatran Group Inc. to offer a Level 2 240-volt wireless charging unit. It's only compatible with the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf for now, but will open up to other models later. 

Bosch recently announced its wired charging system, Power Max home charging. It only costs $449 while the new wireless system costs a whopping $3,000 -- but Bosch believes that convenience will be key to sales of the expensive wireless option.

“The main reason is convenience,” Kevin Mull, vice president of business development at Bosch Automotive Service Solutions told PluginCars. “We think this is a very viable future technology and over time, with advancements in technology, the price will start to come down.”

To help EV drivers who want the wired or wireless system, but can't afford it, Bosch is offering financing options. Option #1 includes $0 down with no monthly payments for 12 months if repaid in full in a year for charging stations that cost $1,000 or more. Option #2 offers $0 down and a five-year 2.99 percent loan on charging stations of $3,500 or more (including installation).

Source: Plugin Cars

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RE: If it sells, then good for Bosch
By Mint on 6/16/2013 5:01:55 AM , Rating: 2
It's not "incredibly inefficient" unless it's poorly designed. You can easily get 90%+ efficiency with wireless power transfer.

The wired cost of electricity for an EV will be around $400/yr. Even 20% wastage is small potatoes next to the purchase cost.

RE: If it sells, then good for Bosch
By FaaR on 6/16/2013 11:31:36 AM , Rating: 2
The EU bureaucracy is having a fit over electronics that have a standby power draw over 0.5W, if they'd hear you say that 20% wastage is small potatoes, the entire city of Brussels would be vaporised by the ensuing mental meltdown! :D

By maugrimtr on 6/17/2013 9:52:44 AM , Rating: 2
A lot of standby power there is >20% waste though. Try up to 100% compared to just switching the appliance off. Yes, it's borderline nanny state behavior, but it's worth pursuing to cut household costs over the long haul. The manufacturers are simply being stupid about standby power consumption. The nanny can be right sometimes (the laws of probability, if nothing else, demands it).

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