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Apple finally revamps the design aesthetic of iOS

Today is a big day for Apple. Many in the tech industry have taken swipes at the company over the lack of new products, the stagnation of iOS, and the rise of Samsung in the smartphone arena. Apple is looking to tackle at least one of those sore points today with the introduction of iOS 7.

The Lockscreen now supports animated backgrounds... where've we seen that before?
The overall look of iOS 7 is quite colorful with flourishes that bring to mind both Android and Windows Phone 8 (courtesy of iOS’ newfound “flatness”).
Control Center allows you to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to quickly access Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Screen brightness etc. This is "quick access" functionality that Android users have experienced for years. Apple has also vastly improved multitasking that interestingly looks a bit like what we've already seen with webOS.

From left to right: Weather, Control Center, Safari tabs 

Safari has a new full screen mode, Smart Search field, and a new interface for tabs (you are no longer limited to just 8 tabs).
IOS 7 also includes AirDrop, which allows you to quickly share files with friends that are nearby. Craig Federighi took a quick jab at Samsung by stating that you don't have to "bump" phones together to share information.

From left to right: Notification Center, Multitasking, AirDrop 

The Camera app has also been given a makeover to make it easier to switch between video, photo, and panorama modes. And instead of seeing an endless scrolling stream of photos that you've taken, the iOS 7 Photos app uses geotagging information to group your photos together based on when and where you were when you took them.

The new Photos app
Siri has been upgraded with new, high-quality female and male voices. You can now speak to Siri to do things like turning on/off Bluetooth/Wi-Fi or changing your screen brightness.
The App Store has been revamped with the new features aimed at parents (choosing apps by age range) and by showing you popular apps based on your current location. In addition, apps now update in the background (again, a feature that has been available on competing platforms for quite some time).
Eddie Cue also introduced iTunes Radio, which has been long rumored for iOS 7. It's free (ad-supported), but those who use iTunes Match will get the service without ads. If your familiar with services like Pandora, Google Play Music, or Spotify; you pretty much know what to expect from iTunes Radio.
Other features to look for in iOS 7 include FaceTime audio (high quality voice-only calls over Wi-Fi), Notifications Sync (if you dismiss a notification on your iPhone, it is also dismissed on your iPad), and “iOS in the Car”.
The first iOS 7 beta will be available today for the iPhone, while iPad users will gain access in the coming weeks. The full public rollout will take place this fall.

Source: Apple

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RE: WWDC 2013 = Apple are back :)
By Shadowself on 6/11/2013 11:59:44 AM , Rating: 2
Actually they never went away but after Jobs died the arena for Apple FUD was greatly enlarged and the time it took for the post Jobs re-org to produce results just let the silly FUD congeal into a sort of bovine consensus: Apple has lost it's mojo. said the clueless and the iPhobic.
Apple did seem to stagnate with no significant upgrades or announcements in over nine months.

Not from what I saw yesterday.
Then you saw a different keynote than I did.

The best thing about yesterday was how happy, relaxed and confident Apple's top team players all looked, people on top of their game in a company firing on all cylinders.
I truly don't care if Apple's senior execs are happy or not. I want great products. If they are working their asses off and are a bit stressed because of it in order to deliver great products, I don't care one bit. Stating this was "the best thing" about yesterday's keynote clearly points out that you missed the point.

iOS 7 looks great and will be on most iOS devices in a very short time frame (unlike the snails pace of Android OS upgrades in the insipid Android ecosystem) and looks like a new platform to build on for years ahead.
Yes, iOS gets distributed and installed much faster and pervasively than Android. Blame the carriers and phone developers for that, not Google. (Well, blame Google a little because they gave the carriers and phone developers so much control.) Is iOS 7 a significant improvement over iOS 6? Absolutely Is it *significantly* better than the most recent versions of Android and Windows Phone? I don't think so. What I was expecting was something as big a consolidated leap over iOS 6 as the first iPhone OS was over the pre-iPhone OSes. We didn't get it no matter what Apple execs said yesterday.

Maverick looked great, can't wait to install it.
Yes, Apple finally pulled OS X up to date (for just one example, they claim it will support OpenGL 4, but they didn't say which 4.x it will be!). I think the jury is still out on Mavericks.

The Mac Pro looks simply fantastic, the sort of thing only Apple could produce out of a hat at a conference focussed primarily on software.
As a true workstation class machine, the new Mac Pro is limited. Yes, if rumors are true, out of the box the top of the line, build-to-order machine will be a screamer. However (and that's a HUGE "HOWEVER") it is limited in upgrade-ability. That is the nature of a true workstation. You buy the best unit you can afford, then over the course of the next 2-3 years you systematically upgrade the major components as they become available. Just as one example of this, I find it extremely unlikely Apple will support third party graphics cards upgrades -- if they ever do even get made for this custom form factor!

iRadio will cement and extend Apple's domination of music and further cement the superiority of Apple's digital content ecosystem.
Apple's iRadio is just a defensive move. Nothing more. To say otherwise is delusional.

Eddie Cue (who sits on the board at Ferrari BTW) showed how the iOS domination of the auto business will deepen.
This is one of the things that caught my attention. I kept noticing the use of the phrase "eyes free". If Apple can truly get that level of integration between the car's built in systems (including the built in screens) and Siri and the various functions between the "iDevices" and the car, then this will be a MAJOR step forward. "Eyes free" is a big deal to me. I see way too many people driving down the road looking at their devices rather than the road and other cars! We'll just have to see how this turns out.

iCloud services continue to expand and will do so for years to come. iWork on the web looked fantastic, who really needs Office anymore?
Cloud based services -- I don't care whose you mention -- are not there yet. And with the latest security announcements, I suspect they won't be for years to come, if ever.

There will be a range of new hardware introduced later this year and I expect some exciting new stuff.
Other than the new "Mac Pro", what, specifically, do you anticipate? The long, long, long, long, long rumored iTV? The iWatch? And the "Mac Pro" will come "later this year". With Intel already saying that the E series Ivy Bridge chips will be delayed, just when do you *really* expect it to ship in quantity? November? December?

Google are compelled by simple business logic to ensure that all their services run, and run well, on iOS so they can't use Android exclusivity as a lever against iOS, and anyway Google are losing interest in developing Android as platform.
I think you need to do some checking. Not all Google Android apps run on iOS. Yes, Android is fragmented, but there are more Android devices out there than iOS devices. That's just fact. Yes, Google would be smart to keep its best apps on iOS just from a "mind share" position. But saying that Google must have thier apps on iOS is just not realistic.

And your comment about Google losing interest in Android? Do you have *anything* concrete to back that up? Or is it just wishful thinking on your part?

iOS continues to be the most used platform by far with the healthiest commercial ecosystem.
At least at the moment.

Yesterday just reminded me how fun it is being an Apple fan :)
Good for you. I found it to be interesting. On most fronts Apple moved things forward. Was anything a true, "Wow! I have to check that out. I think I might get that!" kind of announcement? Absolutely not.

By karimtemple on 6/11/2013 1:34:26 PM , Rating: 2
What I was expecting was something as big a consolidated leap over iOS 6 as the first iPhone OS was over the pre-iPhone OSes.
I've found your mistake.

RE: WWDC 2013 = Apple are back :)
By Tony Swash on 6/11/13, Rating: 0
By retrospooty on 6/11/2013 10:57:12 PM , Rating: 2
Look... Tony just happened to come down on Apples side on every single bullet point. Amazing... On wait, that is every day. I keep forgetting your parents never taught you to think for yourself. Hell even Apple didn't mean that you should be a mindless zombie with their "think different" slogan. It was meant to mean think for yourself. LOLpathetic.

"Well, there may be a reason why they call them 'Mac' trucks! Windows machines will not be trucks." -- Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer
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