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Apple finally revamps the design aesthetic of iOS

Today is a big day for Apple. Many in the tech industry have taken swipes at the company over the lack of new products, the stagnation of iOS, and the rise of Samsung in the smartphone arena. Apple is looking to tackle at least one of those sore points today with the introduction of iOS 7.

The Lockscreen now supports animated backgrounds... where've we seen that before?
The overall look of iOS 7 is quite colorful with flourishes that bring to mind both Android and Windows Phone 8 (courtesy of iOS’ newfound “flatness”).
Control Center allows you to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to quickly access Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Screen brightness etc. This is "quick access" functionality that Android users have experienced for years. Apple has also vastly improved multitasking that interestingly looks a bit like what we've already seen with webOS.

From left to right: Weather, Control Center, Safari tabs 

Safari has a new full screen mode, Smart Search field, and a new interface for tabs (you are no longer limited to just 8 tabs).
IOS 7 also includes AirDrop, which allows you to quickly share files with friends that are nearby. Craig Federighi took a quick jab at Samsung by stating that you don't have to "bump" phones together to share information.

From left to right: Notification Center, Multitasking, AirDrop 

The Camera app has also been given a makeover to make it easier to switch between video, photo, and panorama modes. And instead of seeing an endless scrolling stream of photos that you've taken, the iOS 7 Photos app uses geotagging information to group your photos together based on when and where you were when you took them.

The new Photos app
Siri has been upgraded with new, high-quality female and male voices. You can now speak to Siri to do things like turning on/off Bluetooth/Wi-Fi or changing your screen brightness.
The App Store has been revamped with the new features aimed at parents (choosing apps by age range) and by showing you popular apps based on your current location. In addition, apps now update in the background (again, a feature that has been available on competing platforms for quite some time).
Eddie Cue also introduced iTunes Radio, which has been long rumored for iOS 7. It's free (ad-supported), but those who use iTunes Match will get the service without ads. If your familiar with services like Pandora, Google Play Music, or Spotify; you pretty much know what to expect from iTunes Radio.
Other features to look for in iOS 7 include FaceTime audio (high quality voice-only calls over Wi-Fi), Notifications Sync (if you dismiss a notification on your iPhone, it is also dismissed on your iPad), and “iOS in the Car”.
The first iOS 7 beta will be available today for the iPhone, while iPad users will gain access in the coming weeks. The full public rollout will take place this fall.

Source: Apple

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"Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By JasonMick on 6/10/2013 3:26:22 PM , Rating: 5
Control Center allows you to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to quickly access Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/Screen brightness etc. This is "quick access" functionality that Android users have experienced for years. Apple has also vastly improved multitasking that interestingly looks a bit like what we've already seen with webOS.
My take is that the features look good, in general, albeit nothing Earth-shattering.

On the other hand the icons are hideous (especially the GameCenter, Notes, and Reminders icons) and the overall mix of rounded edges and flat icon seems confused (old v. modern) from a design perspective.

Likewise, inevitably it will be noted everywhere that Apple is emulating Microsoft and Android. This will be at least somewhat damaging to Apple's image that is such a major factor in driving its sales in the absence of a broad product line (with features like larger screens). How damaging it is remains to be seen.

But Apple only has itself to blame for these issues. After all, it essentially sat still in terms of UI development during the era of illness and death of Steve Jobs and then the following leadership transitional period.

As Forestall was fond of saying "Steve wouldn't do that."

He got fired, but if he was around today to say it, he'd be right.

For the record:
Steve Jobs had his fair share of flops and wasn't a nice person in most cases, but he did know how to make a product sell in most cases. Specifically, I feel he would have recognized the danger of standing still and continued to aggressively develop iOS to be (at least) on pace with Android/Windows Phone in looks, had he not fallen ill.

By contrast his successors aren't as demanding or thirsty -- they're content to sit back until the shareholder grumbling grows loud enough they make some panicked effort to toss them a bone -- like this "innovative" redesign.

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By Chaser on 6/10/2013 3:37:08 PM , Rating: 1
Yup. Day late and a dollar short. Android is now the new cool. The new fashion phone device for many former iSheep.

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By othercents on 6/10/2013 3:41:01 PM , Rating: 2
There were plenty of features that were reused from other devices and there were some new features that were neat, however overall use is going to be the same process of unlocking screen launch icon. However I can't say I don't do the same on my android phone either, other than a few widgets that allow me to see certain updates at a glance.

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By Spuke on 6/10/2013 3:48:21 PM , Rating: 1
Have any of you guys used iOS7? Can you comment on it?

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By p05esto on 6/10/2013 3:50:47 PM , Rating: 5
Not really, Windows Phone is the new cool in case you missed the memo. Makes Android look like something from the 1990s web era.

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By retrospooty on 6/10/2013 4:01:43 PM , Rating: 1
I think the ooposite. Although WP8 is a newer UI, it looks really old and the tiles are too generic. Custom widgets are much nicer, user what you want, and not what you dont and it doesnt look all monotoned and bland.

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By Mitch101 on 6/10/13, Rating: -1
RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By retrospooty on 6/10/2013 6:46:03 PM , Rating: 1
What is your point WP8 is newer? I said that. It's just that its tiles are very bland and old looking IMO. They also have very limited functionality compared to a widget. Its a good idea, It's just not all that modern looking. As far as the UI, its great. I may be getting one myself later this year when higher res is supported and larger screens are out.

I don't believe the screenshot here is real, but the rumor is that WP will support higher res later this year and there are larger screen devices coming.

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By ArcsinZ on 6/13/2013 12:02:56 PM , Rating: 2
The limited amount of information is actually by design. The human eye can only pick up on a few things at a time. By removing the "clutter" you end up with a more functional device. Even though the home screen doesn't have a pretty picture it is actually more modern. The graphics race is over and minimalism is now in. For instance, I have a Droid DNA. When I open it I take a noticeably longer time to see the number of new messages because it's a black number on a white background with a green circle on a red graphic desktop. Your eye has to filter out the red, green, and white to see what information is being presented. On my Windows Phone (soon getting the Lumia 928) it is a single color with white lettering telling me the number of new messages. Plus, the font is much larger. At a single glance I know how many phone calls, text messages, and emails I have and can put the phone back in my pocket. The idea of being "impressive" with a pretty background is like lifting your F-150. It now looks like a rock crawler, but it's so top heavy and probably doesn't have the power to actually make it useful.

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By ctodd on 6/10/2013 7:51:20 PM , Rating: 2
And the wheel came out sometime in the mid-4th millennium BC... I don't think the idea of using icons is what makes a UI old. No matter what you want to call it, a Tile is still an icon.

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By Motoman on 6/10/13, Rating: 0
RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By PitViper007 on 6/11/2013 8:50:21 AM , Rating: 1
Hey!!! I liked my GeoCities website!!!!

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By Da W on 6/10/2013 4:22:40 PM , Rating: 2
I have a HTC ONE, by far the best phone all around, and i do miss my old Windows Phone. If HTC could port this hardware to WP platform i would ditch android in a heartbeat.

By TakinYourPoints on 6/10/2013 4:28:30 PM , Rating: 2
The HTC 8X is pretty darn good

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By greenchinesepuck on 6/10/13, Rating: 0
RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By Mitch101 on 6/10/2013 4:47:33 PM , Rating: 3
Wait for the Nokia EOS due around July.

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By Xplorer4x4 on 6/10/2013 10:51:04 PM , Rating: 2
WHY do you miss your old WP? I am not putting WP down because I used it, all be be it in short fashion on a demo phone in store, but I liked it more then I thought. While I am not a huge fan of the Modern UI, I didn't find it to be bad either. A bit bland, but not bad. It was nice and smooth. It felt super snappy with out resorting to tricks like a splash screen like iOS does.

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By Akrita on 6/10/2013 5:55:49 PM , Rating: 3
As an iPhone 5 user and an owner of droid tablet, I have to have to say that my daughters Nokia920 "Windows phone 8" It is the new cool.

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By Chaser on 6/10/2013 7:46:50 PM , Rating: 2
No Windows Phone is the "I'm smarter than everyone else" phone. But its mostly a flop like BB. It still has paltry app support and its interface is polarizing.

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By lexluthermiester on 6/11/2013 3:56:08 AM , Rating: 1
That post must be sarcasm. Because the first thing I thought when I saw windows phone was how "Win 3ish" it looked. Windows 8 continued in that nonsense. Ya, Windows phone can compete with Ballmers sad little dreams!

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By BRB29 on 6/11/2013 8:14:05 AM , Rating: 2
It's hard to compete with something that's free

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By retrospooty on 6/11/2013 9:12:10 AM , Rating: 2
REgardless of free or not, its all built into the cost of the phone, and WP8 phones are cheaper than thier Android and IOS counterparts. To gain any real marketshare you have to offer something the others dont. A decent UI isnt enough on its own and WP8 doesnt really bring anything to the table other than finally catching up. Same with BB OS10. All 4 are good now, but for Android and IOS users, there isnt a strong reason to change.

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By BSMonitor on 6/10/13, Rating: -1
RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By retrospooty on 6/10/2013 6:48:10 PM , Rating: 3
"Steve Jobs also did not anticipate how quickly a company would COPY his smart phone design........"

YOu mean copy the concept he copied ? Yes, he did anticipate the stuff he copied would be copied. He was preparing to sue just days after the iPhone was announced, months before it was released.

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By Alexstarfire on 6/10/2013 8:10:56 PM , Rating: 2
Did you even glance at that article? It's saying that someone else, who co-founded a different corporation, is suing Apple over the iPhone and that it was their backup plan from the get-go.

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By retrospooty on 6/10/2013 11:14:34 PM , Rating: 2
Sorry, in a hurry at the time and worded it badly.

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By EnzoFX on 6/10/2013 5:23:34 PM , Rating: 2
Uhm what,

The icons are no worse than they are. Sadly, they are still vastly better than what's found on WinPhone or Android. Sad those other platforms can't enforce icons that at least match.

Emulating MS or Android? Some people must have no eye for design. They see big thin fonts, and the only association they can make is WinPhone or something. Win stylistically has very little to offer. I'm not saying its bad, it's actually good, but it's simple. The only way they're emulating MS is if MS invented the style of solid colors and big thin fonts.... Isn't this one of those sites that likes to bash companies for NOT inventing something...

Don't even get me started on Android. It's flat, the core apps are modern, but that's it. Everything else about it is lacking in terms of eye candy, which is what we're talking about here.

The bigger point here is that the Smartphone has been done. It's not going to change much. Who's expecting big changes, when we still have rectangles with touch screens. Obviously you'll still have icons. The only thing they can do is more gestures, until there's a newer and better way to interact with mobile computing devices. What the Smartphone has to gain right now is more power for more robust apps.

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By rubbahbandman on 6/10/13, Rating: 0
RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By EnzoFX on 6/10/2013 6:58:06 PM , Rating: 2
People keep saying they're behind in graphical design. I have yet to see an Android or Win phone that didn't have glaring inconsistencies, or outdated/truly ugly icons. This is a natural evolution, not a big leap, but still painfully forward.

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By Cheesew1z69 on 6/11/2013 12:58:32 PM , Rating: 2
I have yet to see an Android or Win phone

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By michael2k on 6/11/2013 2:59:19 AM , Rating: 2
It occurs to me that Apple 'lost a year' as internal priorities and teams got reorganized after Steve Jobs, then Forstall, left.

iOS 6, other than Maps, was largely very minor updates. The iPad 3 was, as well, and the iPad mini was a recycling of the iPad 2. Most of their energy was on the iPhone 5 and responding to the Maps fiasco.

iOS 7, OS X 10, and the new Mac Pro all scream Ives, yet at the same time recall aspects of Jobs (he would have loved the cylinder, the frosted glass and parallax, the layers).

In any case, I'm looking forward to seeing if they release a 4K Cinema display in black aluminum to match the new Mac Pro.

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By marvdmartian on 6/11/2013 7:45:43 AM , Rating: 3
Likely, they'll sue Google for making Android look so much like the new iOS, claiming that they had the idea for the swipe and looks of the icons long before this, they just hadn't used them yet.

Sadly, they might even find a sympathetic jury, if the case ends up in court anywhere around Cupertino.

RE: "Steve Wouldn't Do That"
By xaders on 6/11/2013 8:30:41 PM , Rating: 2
So I guess its ok when iOS copies someone else and they call it brand new and innovative. also, sue them for copyright lawsuit.

"Mac OS X is like living in a farmhouse in the country with no locks, and Windows is living in a house with bars on the windows in the bad part of town." -- Charlie Miller
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