New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was in favor of both court wins

New York City cabs will see some changes thanks to two recent court rulings. 

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the city administration won two major cab-related cases yesterday: New York City livery cab drivers can now pick up street hails in the city’s four outer boroughs and northern Manhattan, and a temporary restraining order from e-hail was lifted.

The first ruling, which was made by the state’s highest court, stems from a complaint in 2012 from the yellow taxi industry and taxi lending agencies. They claimed that allowing livery cabs (which are the unmarked cars that require pre-arranged calls for service instead of street hailing) to pick up street hails was unconstitutional. 

However, the Court of Appeals in Albany ruled against these claims in a 22-page report. 

The second ruling, which was made by the Appellate Division’s First Department, lifted a temporary restraining order from a cab service called e-hail. E-hail allows customers to use an app on their smartphones to hail a cab instead of standing out in the street waiving their hand. 

This case stemmed from a complaint from the livery cab industry, which asked the court to issue an temporary restraining order on the e-hail pilot program. According to the livery cabs, taxis are restricted to hails while the livery cabs are restricted to pre-arranged services, and it said the smartphone app treaded on the livery's pre-arranged side of the business model. 

But this restraining order has been lifted, as NYC argued that the smartphone app doesn't count as a pre-arranged service; it's just a different way of hailing a cab. 

Mayor Bloomberg was happy with both outcomes. 

“For the first time in modern memory, the other four boroughs of NYC will have taxi service. There has not been the kind of outcry there should have been,” said Mayor Bloomberg.

NYC's cabs have seen a lot of changes during Mayor Bloomberg's time in office. For instance, Bloomberg set a goal in 2007 to make 13,000 of NYC's taxi's hybrids by 2012 in a project called the "Taxi of Tomorrow." The Nissan NV200 was named the hybrid "Taxi of Tomorrow." 

In April of this year, Nissan and Mayor Bloomberg announced a new partnership that will launch an electric vehicle taxi pilot in NYC, where Nissan and New York City plan to put six electric Leaf taxis into service starting this spring.

Source: The Epoch Times

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