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It will be built in Texas

Motorola plans to release a new U.S.-made smartphone this year in an attempt to gain some mobile ground against the likes of Apple and Samsung. 

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside said that the new smartphone will be called the Moto X, and it will be built in a Texas facility that plans to have 2,000 new employees by August. 

While it will be tough to compete with Apple's iPhone and Samsung's range of Android-powered devices in the U.S., Motorola feels the Moto X has a good shot because of its ultra-low power sensors that are better at managing and conserving power than Apple and Samsung's devices. The company has even built processors that can save power, but didn't go into detail on how. 

Woodside said he's "pretty confident" in the new Motorola devices that will ship in the fall. 

Google acquired Motorola Mobility in 2011 for $12.5 billion USD. However, the company has proved to be a bit of a nuisance -- it only made  $1.02 billion for the first quarter of 2013, down from $1.51 billion in the fourth quarter. It also reported an operating loss of  $271 million.

Aside from that, Google announced an additional 10 percent reduction in the Motorola workforce this past March (about 1,600 employees) after already cutting 20 percent last summer. That cut affected about 4,000 employees. 

Motorola Mobility has also had some other issues lately, such as an antitrust complaint from the European Union for seeking injunctions to block Apple's use of certain patents. Motorola was slapped with this complaint earlier this month. 

Source: Reuters

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RE: Samsung Vs Google
By Jeffk464 on 5/30/2013 2:47:26 PM , Rating: 2
Samsung doesn't really have a choice to use another os. Someday windows phone might gain market share, but right now its not a viable alternative.

RE: Samsung Vs Google
By euclidean on 5/30/2013 2:59:05 PM , Rating: 2
I thought I read some articles here about another OS for smartphones in the last few months? With the size of Samsung, and how much they've gone into developing all of their embedded apps, I wouldn't put it past them to develop their own core OS and drop Android altogether.

However, that would open them up for litigation completely without any support from Google if they were to get involved in patent wars around their OS...

Lets just say, Samsung isn't stuck in any sense of the form, and it really could go anyway for them.

RE: Samsung Vs Google
By Tony Swash on 5/30/2013 6:52:34 PM , Rating: 1
Samsung could fork Android and migrate from Google services to it's own or it could commit more to the Tizen platform which it supports ( ) or a mixture of both approaches.

"Nowadays, security guys break the Mac every single day. Every single day, they come out with a total exploit, your machine can be taken over totally. I dare anybody to do that once a month on the Windows machine." -- Bill Gates

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