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Ford says 66% of new cars we use four-cylinder engines by 2020

With the looming CAFE fuel economy standards, just about every automaker out there is pushing hard to migrate from larger displacement engines to engines with a smaller displacement, typically using a turbocharger to get the same sort of power output. The benefit of this is that it allows drivers to have the same performance with improved fuel economy.

One of the most successful automakers at making this transition away from higher displacement engines has been Ford with its line of EcoBoost power plants. Detroit News reports that Ford is projecting an increase in sales for vehicles using four-cylinder engines and that by 2020 66% of all new vehicles will use smaller displacement four-cylinder engines.

"I think it's maybe a stretch. But I don't find it implausible," said Bill Visnic, senior editor at the car research site, in a telephone interview. "If you look at where things have been going segment by segment, except pickups, you could say that's been the trend."

In 2008, only 40% of new vehicles sold used four-cylinder engines compared to 53% today. Currently, the majority of small and medium-size cars on the automotive market come standard with a four-cylinder engine. Most compact SUVs also come standard with four-cylinder engine. Full-size pickups and full-size SUVs currently come with six and eight-cylinder engine options. In 2012, sales of pickup trucks accounted for 13% of all new market sales.
Mike Osmotoso of LMC Automotive notes that to achieve that 66% goal, "[Ford would be] expecting pickups and full-size SUVs to virtually disappear."

Considering that the Ford F-150 is the automaker's best-selling vehicle, the more likely scenario would have entry-level trucks using EcoBoost four-cylinder engines producing the same power output as current base level V-6 engines.

Source: Detroit News

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RE: "Disappearing" Trucks
By Spuke on 5/21/2013 1:20:11 PM , Rating: 5
Not really concerned with your exact numbers as I got wheat you were saying but trucks that are half the weight of their loads (and more) are driven daily AND are within manufacturers guidelines and state and local regulations. It's a non-issue. Only a portion of the towed weight is carried by the tow vehicle anyways. Only under braking does the tow vehicle possibly experience heavier loading. And that heavier load under braking is compensated for by the use of trailer brakes. It's mandatory over a certain towed weight to have them (and the weights are really low like 1500 lbs in CA). There is NO truck in ANY weight class that's rated to stop its combined gross weight without braking assistance from the trailer. I stand by my post that says that a lighter truck with the proper strengthening can tow the same amount of weight as the heavier truck. I also stand by my opinion that trucks won't get significantly lighter in reality due to cost and other issues.

RE: "Disappearing" Trucks
By theapparition on 5/22/2013 10:06:08 AM , Rating: 1
I agree mostly as well.

My only point was that it will always be safer to tow with a heavier vehicle than a lighter one. Can it be done? Yes. Should it for the average person? No.

Trailer brakes still only help in strait line deceleration. In an emergency situation, the momentum of the trailer could cause the system to become unstable.

We don't really have to guess on this. A Ford Ranger can't tow the same capacity as the F150. Yes, there's plenty of factors involved, but if suddenly Ford was miraculously shave 1/4 the weight off the F150, then I guarantee you'd see a reduction in ultimate tow capacity.

And I do completely agree that I don't think we'd ever see a significant reduction in weight anytime soon.

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