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Sony tries to steal a little of thunder from Microsoft, and we do mean a little bit

If any of you are fans of Mad Men, you are keenly aware that following the conclusion of every new Sunday show, a preview is shown for the following week's episode. There are usually a dozen or so brief video clips of people making "concerned" or "shocked" faces, while uttering a few words that tell you absolutely nothing about the episode.
Well, Sony is taking a page from Mad Men's playbook with a new teaser video for the PlayStation 4. The console was first announced way back in late February, but all we were shown at the time was a picture of the controller. We don't get much more today other than a few random shots of the console from varying angles.

But we of course see this for what it really is -- a way for Sony to get just a little bit of attention ahead of Microsoft's big Xbox announcement scheduled for tomorrow.

Source: Sony

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Interesting battle!.
By fteoath64 on 5/21/2013 6:04:57 AM , Rating: 2
Well, it would be nice to see the competition heating up as these consoles are getting closer to release dates. First would be a technical comparison where one will highlight its key advantages, features and special accessories.

Next the key popular titles will be compared in terms of graphics performance and rendering also the frame rates and maximum resolution screen it supports. Potential for 2560X 1600 using DP but at what frame rate ?.

Lastly, the release deal to the consumers for an offer price, what titles are thrown in and what accessories included ?. It is a very close race and for once they both converge on x86 architecture and Radeon graphics. But no doubt the graphics part will be implemented differently.

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