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Censorship continues to be a big concern for China

A group of computer experts from the University of Cambridge claims that they are now able to circumvent the censorship mechanism that China uses to block unwanted content from reaching its citizens. Certain words are banned and certain websites are also banned. A user sitting within the country's network will not be able to reach websites for which the government has deemed inappropriate. China itself has defended its right to police the Internet for its citizens many times.

The group of researchers say that China's firewall is based on a a series of Cisco routers and the products work by censoring keywords. When a user wishes to access a websites that's banned, the router returns reset packets to the foreign website, severing the connection -- the data transmission is stopped at the foreign end-point. Using this bit of information on how the Cisco routers work, the researchers were able to find their way around the firewall by creating a system that ignores the reset packets sent by the Chinese routers.

Along with their discovery, the researchers also found that it was possible to create a denial-of-service (DoS) attack from within the firewall using the router's own blocking mechanisms. By masquerading the source IP address of a banned website to one that's within China's network, the researchers are able to ban users from within the network from accessing a Chinese government website for example.

Richard Clayton, spokesperson for the laboratory at the university told reporters that the researchers had reported the findings to the Chinese Computer Emergency Response Team.

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RE: Breaking the law
By campreal on 7/4/2006 10:39:59 PM , Rating: 2
I'm a Chinese,I agree with you though I disagree the government.I think China will be more open in the future but it needs some time.

RE: Breaking the law
By Kuroyama on 7/5/2006 1:57:54 AM , Rating: 2
As a non-Chinese it is not my place to decide what should/should not be allowed. However, I find it interesting that almost all Chinese people I talk to at the university say nearly the same thing, I think China will be more open in the future but it needs some time. Maybe it's true, but the answer is so consistent that it makes me strongly suspect that the people hear the government line so much that they believe it without thinking about it much.

For the sake of being balanced, we in the US are certainly not immune to this. A poll a little while ago asked "Why do you think the terrorists attacked us?" and something like 75% (I'm too lazy to check) said "Because they hate our democracy and freedom". This is an absolutely stupid answer (and few people could answer the follow up question "Why do they hate it?"), but politicians repeat it so often that many have come to believe it, without deciding whether it actually makes any sense.

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