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EA says no Wii U games in development

EA has its fingers in the video game segment on just about every device out there from portable consoles to traditional consoles, computers, and even mobile devices. However, there is one particular platform that EA has no interest in accommodating.

That device is the Nintendo Wii U. EA spokesperson Jeff Brown recently told Kotaku that, "We have no games in development for the Wii U currently.”
The statement comes as no surprise as the popularity and sales figures of Nintendo's Wii U console has plummeted since its introduction. Nintendo bet big on the Wii U and its touchscreen controller hoping for the same sort of success Nintendo have early on with original Wii.

That success has failed to materialize and things keep getting worse and worse for Nintendo.
EA's statement that it has no games in development for the console is a marked contrast to EA's plans of only a few years ago. EA was on stage during the Nintendo Wii U was unveiled in 2011 at E3 promising an "unprecedented partnership" with Nintendo.

EA did deliver on several games early in the Wii U lifecycle, including ports of Mass Effect 3, Need For Speed Most Wanted, Madden, and FIFA. Each of those games have been available on the Xbox 360 and the PS3 for a long time before hitting the Wii U.

EA's decision to not develop games for specific console has resulted in the death of consoles in the past. EA decided not to publish its incredibly popular sports games on the Sega Dreamcast back in 1999 and that move was seen as one of the big signs of Sega's decline as a console maker. The Dreamcast was the last game console produced by Sega. 

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Another nail?
By ballist1x on 5/17/2013 11:00:57 AM , Rating: 2
Look, i know EA get a bad rep, but ultimately they do make games that sell by the bucket load.

By not having EA games, they are effectively alienating a large part of the buying market who want the latest fifa, or NHL or whatever it is.

Yes Nintendo do have their own nice IP but (flame jacket on)they are more suited to a younger audience, the games are more cartoony...

And before you call me a hater, i actually prefer games like Mario Kart (original SNES), Mario World, Zelda (SNES) etc than their reborn 3d counterparts on ANY console, be that N64 or WiiU.

This was a time when graphics were basic but usable and really gameplay and story were king. The time before absolute polygon processing power took over and dev's devoted too much resource to the graphics and not the story.

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