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EA says no Wii U games in development

EA has its fingers in the video game segment on just about every device out there from portable consoles to traditional consoles, computers, and even mobile devices. However, there is one particular platform that EA has no interest in accommodating.

That device is the Nintendo Wii U. EA spokesperson Jeff Brown recently told Kotaku that, "We have no games in development for the Wii U currently.”
The statement comes as no surprise as the popularity and sales figures of Nintendo's Wii U console has plummeted since its introduction. Nintendo bet big on the Wii U and its touchscreen controller hoping for the same sort of success Nintendo have early on with original Wii.

That success has failed to materialize and things keep getting worse and worse for Nintendo.
EA's statement that it has no games in development for the console is a marked contrast to EA's plans of only a few years ago. EA was on stage during the Nintendo Wii U was unveiled in 2011 at E3 promising an "unprecedented partnership" with Nintendo.

EA did deliver on several games early in the Wii U lifecycle, including ports of Mass Effect 3, Need For Speed Most Wanted, Madden, and FIFA. Each of those games have been available on the Xbox 360 and the PS3 for a long time before hitting the Wii U.

EA's decision to not develop games for specific console has resulted in the death of consoles in the past. EA decided not to publish its incredibly popular sports games on the Sega Dreamcast back in 1999 and that move was seen as one of the big signs of Sega's decline as a console maker. The Dreamcast was the last game console produced by Sega. 

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RE: I hope Nintendo does not die!
By quiksilvr on 5/17/2013 9:19:57 AM , Rating: 4
Uh...those classic Mario games still exist. Introduce him to those old retro games and ween him in to the later ones as he gets older.

Just because its not 4K, 60fps, 3D and on a 100" screen doesn't mean it's inferior.

RE: I hope Nintendo does not die!
By karimtemple on 5/17/2013 9:49:51 AM , Rating: 3
Actually, it kind of does. You're right that the technology doesn't make the game, however the technique does. That's why as much as much as people try to deny this, newer things really are [capable of being] better than the older things: movies, music, people, etc.

The techniques; they've grown, they've evolved, and they've been enabled by technological advancement. If in 2013 you put out a movie filmed on 1955 hardware using 1955 acting and directing techniques, it would be really really difficult to like. Similarly, if Mario doesn't change he will get...well... old.

RE: I hope Nintendo does not die!
By drlumen on 5/17/2013 12:12:35 PM , Rating: 3
The technology does not make the content better. It may make it more marketable in this 4k, 3D, IMAX, Dolby, THX society but not necessarily better. Capable of being better? Content wise, I'm not sure about that...

There are many movies from the 50's that still stand the test of time and are better than the majority of the crap that Hollywood is releasing today.

Now, where did I leave my game punch cards for the Eniac?

RE: I hope Nintendo does not die!
By foolsgambit11 on 5/17/2013 2:19:04 PM , Rating: 2
And there are many movies from the 50's that are worse than the majority of crap that Hollywood is releasing today. The good stuff is the stuff that sticks around. Just like with the NES - out of the hundreds of games released for that system, only a handful are so good they deserve to be played for any reason other than nostalgia.

RE: I hope Nintendo does not die!
By inperfectdarkness on 5/17/2013 3:26:11 PM , Rating: 2
I can't even count on both hands and both feet all of the games on the NES that are worth their weight in gold. I still have over 30 in my own personal collection. Here's a non-exclusive list, and I don't even need to go look at my shelf:

mario 1,2 & 3
zelda 1 & 2
star tropics
zoda's revenge
kirby's adventure
dr. mario

RE: I hope Nintendo does not die!
By karimtemple on 5/17/2013 3:53:30 PM , Rating: 2
Video games didn't exist before video games existed. Are you asking for old games to be mimicked more closely? I feel like we need to be fair about this.

Games were a niche market back then. It's really rare for a great game to translate to the mainstream market. EA wants to make mainstream market games; that's where the money is. These are not artists. At the same time, the market is just people and the games we like to think are so terrible and uninspired are the games that are selling*. EA doesn't make games you dislike because they're your antagonists, they do it because they've got their heads in the game.

*and creativity is expensive

RE: I hope Nintendo does not die!
By augiem on 5/17/2013 4:16:09 PM , Rating: 2
Are you asking for old games to be mimicked more closely?

iPhone/Android games. Nuff said. Phone devs have no qualms about outright stealing old game designs, throwing their own graphics on top, and selling it. I wish someone would sue their butts off.

RE: I hope Nintendo does not die!
By Manch on 5/20/2013 4:27:53 AM , Rating: 2
Video games didn't exist before video games existed.

Thank God you clarified that for all of us!

By karimtemple on 5/20/2013 9:54:52 AM , Rating: 2
Any time. :D

RE: I hope Nintendo does not die!
By Mitch101 on 5/17/2013 10:53:05 AM , Rating: 1
Ive built a few retro arcade cabinets and in order to have the full experience I highly recommend proper controls no gamepad can replace a happ joystick. No thumb machine with real buttons you can smack with the index fingers.

RE: I hope Nintendo does not die!
By Manch on 5/20/2013 4:24:14 AM , Rating: 2
When i was a kid i used to go into the stores in Japan and the PI where they had mario on the gigantic screens. I always wanted to be able to play on that. When I got my first projector (720p) I just had to bust out the SNES and N64. Mario games on a 100inch screen is awesome! Hell Pilot Wings is awesome, blurry, but awesome!I have SNES Super Mario All Stars, and I still play it, Metroid, and seve4ral others.

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