Owners say that Apple does offer an exchange program

Several weeks ago, DailyTech reported that several new MacBook owners found that their units started to discolor along the palm rest area, touchpad area and other random areas. At first, many believe the problem was due to sweat and oils from hands, but the problem became more widespread. Users found that discoloration even occurred in areas where there was no human contact. The appearance of the problem shows up as a muddy light brown color on white MacBooks.

After further investigation, users found that calling into AppleCare support centers revealed that technicians already knew about the discoloration problem. Users were then offered replacement either when they went to a store location or through an AppleCare exchange program. Although reports say that an exchange may not occur across all regions, there have not been any reports where a MacBook owner was turned away.

Since its release, the MacBook has been facing a series of problems. The black MacBook itself has been reported to have flaky paint that would peel off the casing. Although the problem is greater than a single incident, it appears to be a rare case. Likewise, users have reported that Apple agreed to address the problem by replacing the affected case. Besides cosmetic problems, DailyTech also reported on a widespread case where many users received their MacBooks with a piece of thin plastic covering the rear vents. This caused many units to operate at excessively high temperatures. Apple responded to the problem by simply advising users to check their units.

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