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Green solar vehicle charging station generates 5 kW of solar power

The city of Lansing, Michigan has announced the opening of the first municipality-owned solar powered electric vehicle charging station in the country. The charging station, which is installed at the riverside City Market, has an angled roof acting as both the solar panel and a carport to protect vehicles underneath.

The charging station generates 5 kW of solar energy for charging vehicles. The solar power gathered by the charging station also operates the LED lighting for the signs and banners on the charging station. The charging station is designed to be 100% waterproof and fully wind, snow, and seismic code compliant.
"We are committed to helping cities across America deliver on their citizens' dreams of a green tomorrow", said Sass M. Peress, CEO of renewz. "Built right in the heart of the city which will soon assemble the Cadillac ELR hybrid electric vehicle, this solar canopy was constructed in just a few days. It clearly demonstrates how municipalities can power green fleets sustainably."

The charging station is intended to generate clean and renewable energy to recharge the fleet of Lansing Board of Water & Light electric vehicles. The city says the solar charging station will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 115 tons and power more than 300,000 miles of clean driving.

Source: Giulio Barbieri

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RE: Note the Sky in the Background
By DaveLessnau on 5/6/2013 1:37:55 PM , Rating: 2
Also, I think what's really sticking in my craw here is that supposed-green trumps finances in every case. Back in the day, when we proposed new projects (this was computer stuff in the military), we had to do all kinds of life-cycle cost comparisons against multiple options. Usually, as competing options, everyone picked the status quo (can't perform the mission, though -- sorry), the option they wanted, and blue-sky (see, our choice is cheap). But, if my numbers are anywhere near correct, there's no way that even a cursory look at costs could justify this. Heck, as I noted, it doesn't even look like the thing can actually charge cars as they need them to be charged (i.e., perform the mission). So, someone, somewhere decided to push a "green" agenda regardless of the facts, stick it to both the taxpayers and the poor shmucks who have to charge their boondoggle cars, and HE GETS AWAY WITH IT. Who's going to be the first against the wall for this?

RE: Note the Sky in the Background
By Mint on 5/7/2013 4:57:44 AM , Rating: 2
I don't support solar and wind for cost reasons (it goes beyond LCOE), but with EVs/PHEVs, there have been plenty of life-cycle analyses that support them.

For this particular charging station, your own math proves that it isn't standalone. It's a grid based charger with a solar panel on top. It doesn't have a cost of zero without the solar panels. It should be maybe $15k for the solar panels and inverter, and they should last 20+ years. The other $45k would be for the structure and installation.

Again, you're talking about one station from one municipality. You're being unfair in tarring every government's assessment of every green project from this.

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