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First fully 3-D printed gun test fired

Staples has become the first major U.S. retailer to offer easy access to 3-D printers on its website. Staples is offering a printer by a company called 3D Systems known as The Cube. The 3-D printer is available for $1,299.

The Cube uses digital design files as blueprints to build physical three-dimensional objects layer-by-layer using plastic. The printer is capable of printing just about anything the user can dream up from action figures to iPhone docks and more.

Cube 3D Printer

The Cube can print products up to 5 1/2 inches on each dimension. Print media is available in 16 different colors and the printer ships with 25 design templates included.

Staples will also offer consumables for the 3-D printer online and in some of its stores.

Speaking of 3-D printers, a company called Defense Distributed recently tested the world's first completely 3-D printed gun. The only parts of the weapon not created using a 3-D printer are the firing pin, which is a nail, and the .380 caliber bullet. The weapon successfully completed a single test shot and misfired on an additional test shot.
When loaded with a more powerful 5.7 x 28 rifle cartridge the gun exploded.
You can watch the video of the test firing below:

Sources: CNN, Forbes

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RE: 5.7x28mm
By Reclaimer77 on 5/6/2013 7:10:48 PM , Rating: 3
The 5.7X28mm is as powerful as a .45ACP, but lighter and gives less kick back. It's a tumbler, like an M-16 round, rather than a fragmenting round.

Strongly disagree.

Now this is coming from a Concealed Carry permit holder, and an IDPA competition shooter (still a bit noob). But there's no way I would use 5.7 as my carry. It's far more likely to just punch through someone and hit an innocent person. It has less stopping power than my .40, and far less than a .45.

The whole "tumbling" thing? Mostly not going to happen at typical self-defense shooting ranges. According to the FBI, most defensive shootings take place at ranges of 3 to 6 feet. At that range the 5.7mm isn't going to be "tumbling", it's going to probably just blow through the person and hit whatever, or whoever, is behind them.

It's not as powerful as the .45ACP. There's no reliable self-defense ammunition for it (that I would trust). A .45 will leave a very large wound cavity inside a person with very little chance of over-penetration or exiting the body with proper self-defense ammunition.

I shoot with the guys who like the FN, but it's mostly a "cheater gun" used to boost their accuracy for IDPA scores. As far as a all-around general purpose/concealed carry gun? Worthless in my opinion.

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