The EU and Microsoft are at it again

Microsoft and the European Union once again do not see eye-to-eye.  An EU committee earlier this week said that Microsoft is not complying with an antitrust decision that will most likely impose heavy fines on Microsoft.  The exact amount Microsoft will be charged has not yet been determined, according to a spokesman for the EU competition commissioner.  However, the fines are expected to be heavy.  The commission is scheduled to speak about the Microsoft fine next Wednesday.        

Microsoft held meetings in late March to try and avoid facing $2.4M USD daily fines from the EU.  The company was ordered to turn over more information about its software, so that competitors are able to create software that is better able to work with Microsoft products.  The same judgment also requires Windows to not come bundled with the Microsoft Windows Media Player media program.  The company claims that they do make changes to try and please the EU, but the commission changes its demands so that Microsoft is always in the wrong.

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