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Lenovo is using Windows 8 Pro for its new ThinkPad Helix instead

Lenovo chose to use Windows 8 Pro for its new hybrid notebook/tablet because it believes businesses don't want Windows RT

Lenovo Think PC and visual category manager Simon Kent said Windows 8 Pro was the obvious choice for its new hybrid notebook/tablet -- the ThinkPad Helix -- because businesses want the full Windows 8 experience instead of the sliced and diced OS that is Windows RT.

"We don't believe that Windows RT is what businesses want," Kent said. "This is particularly true for a premium product such as Helix, which gives you the performance and capability of a full Ultrabook as well as a business tablet."

"Even Microsoft has started to review the RT path they have gone down."

Kent described the ThinkPad Helix as an Ultrabook first and a tablet second, where businesses can use it as a hard-working, performance tool or just a vehicle for content consumption -- whether they're at a desk or on-the-go. 

Windows RT has been a huge disappointment for hardware makers. Companies like Dell and Lenovo have recently slashed the prices of their RT-powered devices because they can't seem to clear their inventory. For instance, Lenovo offered a seven-day deal last month where its IdeaPad Yoga 11 was available for just $599 -- down from the original $799 price. Amazon sells the model for just $499.

The Dell XPS 10 tablet with Windows RT, which launched at $500 for the 32GB, is now $450. The 64GB model launched at $599 and is now $499. 

Neil Hand, head of Dell's tablet and high-end PC business, even told CNET that demand for the XPS 10 tablet was a disappointment. 

"Demand is not where I would like it to be at this point in time," said Hand. "The amount of market information about it is not good enough, and the market sentiment is still pretty negative."

Despite criticism of Windows RT, Microsoft has been defending its baby and denying rumors that it will die off. However, a Bloomberg source anonymously revealed that Microsoft has sold 1.5 million Surface tablets as of March. More specifically, the company had sold a little over a million Surface with Windows RT tablets and about 400,000 Surface with Windows Pro tablets.

Source: PC World

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RE: Businesses Don't want Windows 8 Either
By Argon18 on 5/1/2013 5:04:09 PM , Rating: 2
Maybe at your job, and I'm sorry to hear your in such a dead end position. Here, the senior admins advise the CIO on what to purchase. During my tenure, I've successfully eliminated over 60 Microsoft servers, and 200 Microsoft desktops, replacing them all with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. CIO's love it when you can save them money AND deliver a more reliable and robust solution. The beauty of Web applications is you can run them from any platform with a browser, allowing you to eliminate troublesome and unreliable Microsoft computers.

By Pirks on 5/1/2013 7:07:40 PM , Rating: 1
200 Microsoft desktops, replacing them all with Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Everyone see that? Argon just replaced Windows on client machines with some freeware crap and made his users life miserable because they now have to deal with Linux training and mediocre funky Linux UI. This is totally fine for him, BUT the moment any user would want Windows 8 Argon would scream nooo you will need training it is different there will be EXPENSEZZZ!!! Yeah sure Unix boy, we can see through your double standard lies, you are full of sh1t just like any other crazy Unix admin.

RE: Businesses Don't want Windows 8 Either
By Labotomizer on 5/1/2013 10:12:26 PM , Rating: 3
That's hilarious. I work at a dead end job? You make the assumption that I'm an admin, which is quite amusing in all honesty. You can pound your chest and call yourself an admin all day long. I'm a Senior Systems Engineer at a company that does 1.5 billion/year in revenue delivering data center infrastructure and managed services. I work with Linux all the time because I'm a certified F5 engineer, which is a platform that runs on Linux. I'm also a MCITP and spend a lot of time working in VMware and Cisco network equipment. So I find it pretty funny that you think you're even close to my level, let alone "above me".

Also, if you're in an environment where you've "replaced 60 Microsoft servers" with RHEL and you think you're saving your company money you should be drug tested. Considering that is likely a fraction of the servers you're running, at least, moderately dense virtualization. And what does every enterprise on the planet buy for virtualization servers these days? That's right, Microsoft Server Datacenter edition. Which allows unlimited Windows VMs. So by converting you've managed to lock yourself into support contracts with Redhat, which cost more than Windows Server with an Enterprise Agreement, while not eliminating ANY expenses at all.

Oh, you've saved $100/desktop or so across 200 users? But required retraining, increased support costs because Windows desktop support personal are a dime a dozen. Redhat desktop support? WAY more expensive.

You crack me up. You clearly just spout what you've read on the internet and have absolutely 0 clue what you're talking about. Thanks for playing though.

By retrospooty on 5/2/2013 8:56:00 AM , Rating: 2
LOL... Someone give this post a 3,4 and a 5 so it can be +6'd.

By Pirks on 5/2/2013 4:12:08 PM , Rating: 2
That's 6 right there!!!

COME ON DT GIVE THIS ONE A SIX!! This is one of best quality posts here ever!!!

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